2019 Design Boys Collection is here!

Feb 18, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

As promised last week The Designers Boys new 2019 catalogue has now been released, and their new collections are available through SmartSpace Interiors.

This collection has diversified from last year. Not only have the boys added to their beautiful collections with more botanicals, abstract and photography pieces, but they have also expanded into bespoke custom mirrors and a wider range of oversize canvas art prints.

Highlights from the 2019 collection:

  • The Platinum Gallery Collection of oversized abstract canvas prints that are hand embellished by the artist, max size 1830mm x 1230mm
  • An Australian natives botanical collection called Rowsell is a highlight for me as I’m including a lot of native botanical colour palettes, and prints into my current designs
  • Building on the current abstract collections I love the new softer abstracts such as the Petra Collection
  • Custom made mirrors in a choice of 3 different sizes and many frame options
  • The kids collection from last year has been expanded with a number of styles to now choose from

The Designer Boys continue to go from strength to strength and this year there are three collections that particularly stand out to me. These are:

De La Flore Collection

In the indigo this is a stunning collection of 6 prints, developed in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria. These are really striking botanical prints with a modern twist.

Avoca Collection

I just love this vibrant quirky collection of 6 prints. The blues and greens are strong in each, but what I love the most are the people in all but one. Beach life at its best in Australia.

Petra Abstract Collection

This is a collection of 6 abstract prints with soft grey, lilac and warm tones running through them. They remind me of landscapes but with a spherical shape in each they become super abstract.

As always, the Designer Boys artworks remain exclusive to the design trade, so  contact me to express your interest in any Designers Boys art you might like to purchase. To see the full catalogue click here.

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