I recently visited The Affordable Art Fair when it was in Sydney a few weeks ago. There’s a real trend towards original affordable artworks and making it accessible to everyone. Just this weekend there was an auction in Sydney that allowed anyone to purchase art without knowing who the artist was for very low prices and some would have hit the jackpot!

Why am I talking about this? If any of you know me you know I have a love for art. I was an art student myself (many years ago), and so always talk to my clients about the addition of art in their rooms. This could be readily available canvas art, to limited addition high quality prints through to original pieces. I’ve spent time over the years building relationships with suppliers and artist alike to ensure I can present something for every taste.

If you have an interest in artwork then check out some of the lovely artists below that I was introduced to at the fair, there really is some amazing work out there with something for everyone.

What do I look for when selecting art for a room? Sometimes that art comes first, and then I’ll tie in the room around this. Think about the style of the artwork, contemporary and abstract works well with minimal lines in the furniture and you might want to really contrast with the colours in the artwork, or choose fabrics and soft furnishings that blend. Blending will make the artwork really pop.

Retro colours such as burnt orange, avocado greens and yellows really do suit 60’s and 70’s inspired homes. Especially when looking at native botanicals and wildlife found in the surrounding environment.

However, you can go completely eclectic. Many art lovers like lots of styles and artists. In this instance I let the artwork sing, it shouldn’t fight with the interior decoration, the décor should be a blank canvas to support your beautiful collection of art.

So yes buy what you love, and what evokes a reaction in you, but also think about where you can hang it in your home to make the most of it so you appreciate it each and every day.

ALISA BEAK – one of my favourite artists from the fair this year

Source: Fern St Gallery

Elizabeth Langreiter – the 3D effect of these artworks was pretty amazing


Antoinette Ferwerda – well know in this space and so striking

Aidan Weichard

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