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Aug 20, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

my favourite supplier https://www.wallcandywallpaper.com.au/default.php

Inspiration through wallpaper I have been spending a lot of time recently sourcing wallpaper for my clients. The wallpaper trend is certainly back in vogue and there are so many options on the market today I wanted to dedicate a blog post to giving you all some hints and tips if you were thinking about injecting colour, interest, pattern or texture into your home by using this fabulous decorative option.

Gone are the days of heavy flock wallpapers, dated patterns and colours, and the need to wallpaper whole rooms including the ceiling. Wallpaper has come a long way in the past 10 years, both in the design and also in the application. There are some fantastic products out there for easy application, such as already pasted paper for easy hanging, and wallpaper that easily sticks on and pulls off of the wall. Feature walls are still proving very popular, however there is a trend to wallpaper more than one wall in a room.  If you’re lucky enough to have picture rails it was traditional to wallpaper below the rail to save the walls from heavy passing traffic. For a more updated twist wallpaper above the rail to help break the room up.

I use many suppliers when sourcing wallpaper and quite often from overseas depending on the look and feel that my client is trying to create.  Find below some tips on wallpaper choices depending on design direction that your room is heading in:

• For that popular French provincial style there’s nothing better than a damask pattered paper. In smaller spaces use lighter colours with metallic finishes to assist in reflecting light.

• For modern spaces to create interest use geometric patterns such as this one here, these are elegant but bold at the same time and work well in contemporary spaces.

• If you have a more traditional interior there’s no getting away from a gorgeous floral. Choose softer colours that blend well so that the paper doesn’t look too busy once hung.

• To create glamour, especially in a bedroom choose something with golds and silvers and plenty of subtle pattern, this pairs well with chandeliers, and mirrored pieces of bedroom furniture.

• If you want to use wallpaper somewhere in your home, but don’t think that you could live with it in your main living space choose a bold wallpaper for a wall in the entryway. This will provide immediate wow factor when your guests walk through the door.

Another example from my favourite supplier www.wallcandywallpaper.com.au

I hope that this has encouraged you to give wallpapers a go. This really is an easy and cheap way to create a more interesting interior in your home. And remember, nothings permanent.

Happy decorating!

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