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Hi All, I had to do a follow on from last week. I felt like I was just getting started, 6 trends that have been and gone just wasn’t enough! So in the spirit of ditching the dated here are 6 more trends that should definitely be left in the past, an I’ve got one or two of these in our home that we’ve just moved to that will be gone in the reno next year.

External floodlights

I have these everywhere outside my newly purchased 70’s built home. I think there’s a place for them still, definitely useful for garages and car ports. However they need to go from my deck area, garden and pathways. We’re looking at replacing with smaller spot lights and a lot more of them. These still give off a good amount of light and can be directed as you need.

Brown, brown and more brown

One of my personal favourites. I’m updating a few homes at the moment which were either built in the 60’s and 70’s or updated in this time. Wow, there was a lot of brown. From brown tiles to brown cabinetry and brown paint both internally and externally. This is such an easy fix and a dramatic makeover. We all want a fresher colour scheme now, so generally lightening up these finishes deliver on impact and make the space feel brand new again. I also think black is the new brown, we’ve already seen black as a trend, this will continue for many years to come.


We talked curtains last time. Let’s talk blinds, especially vertical blinds. These are definitely a thing of the past unless it’s an office space outside of your own home. Even then there are better window covering applications to choose from. Replace your vertical blinds with rollers, roman’s curtains, or any of the lovely honeycomb options. If you must use verticals use wide sliding panels at floor to ceiling doors, these are much less fussy and have a more modern look.

Heavy wood detailing

Before: Stairwell to 1st floor before renovation

These are your skirtings, architraves, picture rails, windows and doors. Again a lot of brown and it can feel like a real shame to cover the beautiful timber when moving into a home like this. However, whiting out this timber will be the single biggest area of impact you could possibly achieve on very little budget. I’d recommend having a professional do this for you. The timber needs to be sanded and prepped well, sealed and undercoated and then painted. But it’s worth it.

Florals everywhere

From floral curtains to bed linen, rugs, lamp shades and wallpapers, we used to see a floral overload in homes. I’m not saying don’t bring any floral into a design. In fact quite the opposite I’m a huge fan of botanical print wallpapers, floral fabrics for accent pieces like cushions, and a touch of floral in bed linens. However choose one or two per room, don’t try and blend several prints on different applications, it’s just too cluttered and fussy for a modern look.

Themed rooms

Set of marine symbols.

The last point leads nicely into themed rooms. From nautical to coastal, woodland to tropical. It’s just not on trend to be super obvious with motifs, patterns, worded artworks. Keep your ‘theme’ low key. Subtle is better, by creating a feeling through colour and texture and the odd  piece that is a nod to the look you are creating.

I promise that’s the last of the fading trends, I’ll have something new to talk about next week I’m sure. Remodeling my own home is inspiration enough.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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