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Oct 22, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Hi guys. Whilst I’m always out and about gaining inspiration along the way from some of my favourite supplier showrooms and seeing inside some fabulous homes I take a lot of my inspiration from websites as most of us do. So I thought I would share with you my top 5 favourite blog sites, these are sites that I read on a weekly basis for inspiration, fun updates and to see what trends are happening around the world.

www.decor8blog.com – written by Holly Becker

This is written by a fabulous writer and interior designer who has been in the blogging space for years. Her updates are full of colour and fun, and she is so well connected in the industry that the blog is a great source of information. Holly has just released a new look to her blog, and she fills her posts with book reviews, designer spot lights, other blog writer features and she promotes her blog writing workshops through her posts also. Her images are beautiful and I often go away with ideas for my projects.

Image taken from Decor8

www.79ideas.org – written by Radostina Boseva

Graphic Designer and photo Stylist Radostina certainly knows how to draw you in with elegant images that make me want to paint my apartment white every time I read her posts.  She writes about other designers interiors, interiors from all over the world, and presents them with beautiful images, often only writing a few sentences and letting the images do most of the talking.

Image taken from 79 ideas

www.theinteriorsaddict.com – by Jen Bishop

This award winning blog is one to watch over the coming year. Jen is a journalist by trade and is based in Sydney Australia. Her blog is full of great interviews, supplier spot lights and her favourite blogs to read.

www.apartmenttherapy.com – by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan and Oliver Ryan (brothers)

Based out of New York and started by Maxwell part interior designer part life coach. Maxwell has been writing since 2001 so he is well established in the industry. This blog is full of wonderful inspiration, I especially enjoy reading the posts about small spaces. You will regularly see apartment tours, product reviews and great tips on budget living and green living.


A lot of you will already know Etsy for is fabulous homewares and fabrics that can be purchased online. These guys also write a great blog so check it out. They write about general lifestyle topics including food, home design, and products. I love this blog for something a little different.

Image taken from Etsy

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I do.

Happy reading!

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