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It’s hard not to get caught up in trends. Especially when you see something again and again online it’s hard to ignore. However, when I’m working with clients on a home that’s needs to stand the test of time, we need to make design decisions that last and that my clients wont tire of. So below I’ve detailed the regular conversations I find myself having with clients when making design decisions to create a timeless interior.

Small fixed black statements

The black trend has been around for a while, and it’s spreading to exteriors more and more too. Black hardware like door levers, tapware and bathroom fixtures, as well as lighting have been around for a while. There’s a right way to use black as it’s such a great finish for when you want something to sit well and not create too much impact in a room. However, when using black in your design, ensure you are consistent with it. So perhaps combine a black patterned tile with black tapware, black joinery with black lighting or sink, and think about linking all of your hardware through the home. The problem with using just black tapware for instance in an otherwise light scheme, the eye only ever sees the black, and it’s hard to move on from this.

Forestville kitchen – black joinery with black tapware and accent lights

Too much grey

We’re at the point now where we’re at the end of the grey trend, I can already see warmer tones coming through in trend forcasts. I think there will always be an element of grey in our homes now, it’s so easy to work with and has been around for some time. However, things that I feel date a home in terms of the use of grey are grey smoky timber floors, all grey tiled bathrooms, and masses of grey joinery. All these things are going to point towards 2010/2015. If using a grey tile freshen it up with a white pattern tile like a herringbone, penny round or subway (all timeless patterns). Avoid grey smoked timber boards, these have seen their day, opt for more natural tones. With joinery I’m finding super light grey is the way to go, especially as we all want white walls in our interiors now.

Beecroft Ensuite vanity – light grey joinery works so well with blue

Trendy pattern tiles

Don’t get me wrong, I love a pattern tile, but in the right context. For instance, if I have a more traditional style home that I’m working with, I will recommend a classic pattern 200×200 floor tile for the bathrooms, maybe laundry and perhaps even kitchen splashback. If it’s a more contemporary design that I’m working with I will tend to avoid a strong pattern tile rather creating pattern and texture using a simple tile installed in a pattern, like an oversized subway installed in a herringbone design. Be careful when using a pattern tile in isolation of your homes style, I guarantee you will get bored of it within 3 years and want to cover it up!

Blue and white tile detail Rozelle Terrace Apartment

Rozelle project – Traditional workers cottage needs goemetric pattern for a timless but modern style

Patterned wood panelling

This is something that I’ve really seen of late. Your traditional style wainscoting will never go out of date in the right home. But I’ve seen a lot of geometric panelling designs on walls that will date your home. There’s a lot of work involved in these walls, and so it’s something you need to think about carefully. I would avoid this and move more towards a vjay panelling style for a more contemporary home or a more classic wainscoting for a traditional home. Or even an interesting wallpaper that can easily be changed up in future.

Image source: Pinterest

Blonde timber everywhere

The scandi look with all of its light timber was definitely a strong trend. And we will continue to see elements of this moving forward but gone are the days of light timber floors, all light timber furniture and not much else to contrast. I’m seeing a real shift to mixing materials, metals, tones of timbers for a much more warm, textural and deeply interesting interior. Simplicity is always good, but I think the all blonde timber look is definitely one that’s going to be left in the past.

Happy decorating!

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