A day in the life of an Interior Designer

Oct 14, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration, Uncategorized

Hi Guys. Ever wondered what it’s like to be an interior designer? If you were to ask my husband before we renovated he would have said it’s all about picking fabrics and fluffing cushions. Since living through our renovation earlier this year he definitely has a very different perspective on what I actually do day to day, especially when it comes to the construction part of the process.

So, what did today look like for me? Well I started out with a morning of meetings. 7.30am to meet a new client, take a brief in their home, talk through where they need my help and that will allow me to go away and prepare a quote to take them through my design process. Next was a quick stop off at an existing client’s home to get sign off on some fabrics for one of their rooms. What I had presented earlier in the week didn’t work as they pulled out an existing rug that I didn’t know about, so I needed to work in fabrics with this. See their rug in the design below with fabrics that complement.

Then I went to my final meeting of the morning at a project that’s under construction to meet the builder and his electrical team. We ran through the electrical rough in, and general details for a high end Kitchen installation that’s in progress right now. All before midday! I’m getting this one photographed so watch this space for some before and afters.

Once I’d finished up, I head back to the office to get on with some work. I planned to spend the afternoon pulling some design ideas together for a library room that I’m designing for an existing client. The room already has joinery so we’re adding in mostly furniture and soft furnishings. This is what I pulled together.

And finally I placed some supplier orders, paid a few invoices and requested a number of samples to be sent out to me for review for a few other projects. I’m usually juggling between 6-10 projects at any one time. It can be crazy busy but I make sure I have enough time in the office to be creative and really give my best to the designs that I’m pulling together.

I love what I do, and I enjoy (almost) every day to the full. It doesn’t feel like work when I get to delight my clients with final rooms like this.

So if you’re ready to take that step, and want to chat about your home give me a call. Let’s create something fabulous together.

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