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It’s at this time of year that I start to reflect and think back on the year that was, I also start to look forward into next year and plan for the first 6 months of 2024. When reflecting this year I thought I would share with you what I’ve noticed in terms of ‘trends’ for want of a better word, and what I think is here to stay.

I don’t love talking trends, I’m always asked by my clients what will stand the test of time and not date, and we tend to avoid the latest trends to avoid the mistake of a home looking dated 2 years after renovation. But, having said that it’s hard to avoid all trends, or certainly what’s popular. This is because so many finishes, especially hard finish choices follow the times. Also we are all so influenced by what we see online, it’s hard not to be. And when you see for instance black window and door frames everywhere it’s not surprising that this becomes a bit of a go to.

So what’s here to stay and worth investing in and what really was a trend that we need to let go of?


AAD project – Beecroft Home; A great example of a timeless black and white exterior 

This is where the black window and door frames come in paired with a dark roof application and white brisk, clad or render and you’re sat firmly in this trend. And whilst this was a classic pairing for homes of a certain style, it’s become a go to for many architects and home owners over the past few years.

If a home doesn’t have heritage I would try and steer clear of stark black and white contrast. Instead softening with a third colour like a taupe, mushroom, or a warmer tone (which are starting to make their way back into exterior colour palettes). For instance if you have a mix of clad and render paint the render white and the clad taupe or vice versa. You can still use black in other areas, this will just soften the overall exterior and move you away from a trend that could date in 5 years.


Source: Tile Club

To be fair these have been around for a while now, however this year I just seem to be seeing them in every other bathroom or kitchen design in the square format. Whilst I’m a fan, the rustic handmade nature of this tile isn’t for everyone. And yes I do think this look is going to date in a few years.

What’s nice is that I’m seeing more designs coming through in different formats such a mini squares, elongated hex, lanterns etc. This is great to see and will add a fresh twist on what has been really popular. And I think these variations can offer a similar look but won’t date as quickly as the original square.


Source: Par Taps

And everything in between, I mean we’ve really seen a shift away from black tapware and these warmer metals have taken their place. There’s still definitely a place for chrome and brushed stainless steel/nickel and their still very much finishes I use. However golds, brass, antique bronze, rumbled brass, burnished, ages brass that keeps on changing, all of these finishes have had a massive uptake in design. And I have to say I’m a fan. I’m probably doing less of the golds and more on the brass side of things. This looks fantastic in both modern homes and homes with heritage, so versatile and I can’t see how it will date!


Source: Rosedale Farm

My last ‘trend’ to note is around the increasing use of natural stone especially for kitchen and bathroom benchtops and kitchen splashbacks. Design over the past few years has had a big focus on texture, natural texture and layering throughout your design. For a while there we were working with flat, matt surfaces, clean lines and block colour. Now we’re into this more grounded, nature inspired space. The more texture the better, the more we can leave materials untouched and raw the better. Therefore natural stone ticks a huge box.

I also think it’s use will be compounded by the recent concerns around engineered stone and silica levels.  There may be a move away from these to natural stone over the coming years. You just need to be aware that natural marble, granite, quartzite need care and maintenance. Refinishing and sealing on a regular basis is recommended.

Well that’s my musings on trends past and future. I could talk about many more, and maybe I will in a future post. Let me know if you have any questions, or indeed are looking to design your own home in 2024, I’d be happy to chat.

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