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Sep 2, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi Guys, there are whispers that the grey trend is on the way out, I don’t believe it though. I think people are saying that because we’re seeing more beige, terracotta, and warmer tones coming through in furniture and fabric design, soft furnishings and paint colours. It’s also been interesting to see the red toned timber laminates making a come back in joinery especially in kitchens. So it’s not surprising that we see trends come and go, patterns, colours, finishes and styles all move in and out of fashion.

There are definitely some things that you might want to avoid if you’re trying to create timeless appeal with your interiors, however my advice is always go with what you love. Don’t just go with it because it’s on trend, or on the flip side don’t not choose something that you love because it’s a bit of a statement and you’re afraid it will be out of fashion in a few years. I find the most interesting adn successfully resolved interiors are those that show the personality of the people that live there. They paid no attention to trends, forecasts or what’s out, rather followed their hearts and chose what reflected them as people.

So what should you avoid if you’re in two minds and don’t have a strong sense either way? These are the 5 trends that I’m seeing a move away from in interior design and interior decoration right now.

Light and bright – too bright?

Here I’m talking all white walls, white joinery and light oak flooring. We saw this massive shift from browns, beige and darker timbers to the complete opposite, white, white and more white. And then the made craze for light oak floors hit interior trends and we found ourselves in these homes devoid of colour. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but interiors are rounding back, with much more depth of colour on walls – sage greens, soft pastel shades, terracotta, and super warm greys. Mixed back with walnuts, teaks, and richer oaks. I’ve never seen so much variation in joinery colours, from matte black, to walnuts through to navy, green (both emerald and eucalyptus), all shades of grey and of course some white.


Oak floors, oak dining table, oak joinery, oak chairs, this appetite for oak is insatiable. Maybe time to move on? We’re already seeing this happen. As I mentioned above darker timber tones are back (did they ever really leave us?). Mix it up, I love mixing light and dark to create some interest. It’s nice to see more variety out there again too in timber furniture pieces. The above kitchen works as the black contrasts with all of the one toned timber. But wowzers that’s a lot of timber.

Mid Century Modern Replicas

Oh my, I’m so over it. Time to move on people. You can achieve a retro vibe without everything coming from Matt Blatt. Mix in a small piece here or there. I bought a 70’s home last year and renovated it. Whilst I kept the retro architecture in tact and installed darker timber floors and joinery, steering away from light oaks, I didn’t go crazy with retro finishings. We removed most of the cedar and teak looking features, freshened up the colours, and I can promise you there will be no mission brown in this house.

Gold and brass – mix it up!

Too much gold and brass in bathrooms I believe will date very quickly, just as it did last time around. Rather mix up metals like gunmetal, brushed stainless steel and nickel. Again much more interesting mixing up metals, less cookie cutter and therefore a timeless addition to your interiors. If you absolutely love the golds then be prepared that you might want to swap it out in 5-7 years, that’s ok and really not that difficult.

Finally no more minimalism

Bed linen by Aura Home

We want to see real interiors, real homes, real lives. I love the move to casual snaps and photography of interiors. How often do you see a bed un-made in a photo shoot, or a kitchen with appliances, utensils and food on the benchtops as though someone has just stepped away. This is where we’re going with interior design and decoration. I love living in Sydney especially when it comes to design, the style here is much more relaxed than other areas. Bring on that Sunday morning vibes for all of our interiors is what I say!

I think overall the thing to take away from this is trends in small amounts. Don’t go through your whole house with a white paintbrush, or match all of your furnishings from one store with one style. That’s just plain boring. Mix is up, and inject some personality in the place.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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