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Apr 2, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

My Pinterest pin-boards

Pinterest has changed my life in terms of the way I store ideas, images and inspiration. Instead of constantly saving what I find online, and painstakingly printing things and popping them into my scrap book, it’s now one quick and easy step to add any image to one of my Pinterest pin-boards. Having said that, nothing can replace the physical pin-board that I have hanging in my home office for all of those random images from magazines, quirky little business cards and flyers, or the many fabric samples that I can’t bear to put away.

Take a look at my home inspirations board http://pinterest.com/smartspaceint/home-inspiration/ for great small space storage ideas, or quirky ways to display everyday objects. Or have a look at the products that I love and have stumbled across online, and on my travels to suppliers videoder for iphone throughout Sydney. I’ve also started a board to give you a flavour for the books that I’m reading that I find both inspirational and practical when thinking about interiors.

I love the way you can share with and follow other Pinterest users. Many of my images have come from re-pinning already posted images by other members. Why not start your own pin-board, share your ideas with others and take a look at what other people are dreaming up. The topics are endless… www.pinterest.com

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