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May 20, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

Wallpaper has been a feature in many homes the world over for near on 200 years. As with many trends wallpaper has gone in and out of favour, and each time it’s revival brings with it wonderful new designs and advanced levels of technology to create truly unique designs using silks and satins, micas and flocks. Each of these having a different surface treatment therefore bringing a new level of texture and interest to any interior design.

As long as the desire is there for colour, pattern and texture rather than just painted walls throughout our homes, new and modern applications will continue to become more and more simple, especially with the launch of easy peel off wallpaper using cutting edge print technology to transfer the most complex image to our walls. Therefore using wallpaper is a less significant commitment, gone are the days of stripping back layers and layers of paper and painstakingly restoring walls back to their former state, Even paste the paper and paste the wall applications strip back so much easier giving you the opportunity to try something new every few years.

There are so many great suppliers and wallpapers to choose from, from floral prints to geometrics, flocks to plain textural papers the choices are endless. I often use a wallpaper as a jumping off point for my designs, choosing this first and then working everything else in around it.

With this in mind I wanted to share with you all some of my favourite wallpapers and suppliers, all of which make my designs more interesting and personal to my clients’ homes.

Happy decorating!

From Cavern Home in New York. I've just used this fabulous wallpaper in a mid-century style lounge room.

From Wall Candy Wallpaper this is a fabulous paper for bedrooms, hallways and evening main living spaces.

From Ferm Living I love the linear quality of thie design.

From Wall Candy Wallpaper I've used this is a different colourway for a French Provincial style.

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