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Jul 15, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

Many interiors designers use rugs as a main element of their design. You may have noticed in many of my finished projects there is always a rug and often it is the centre piece of the design. A fantastic rug can make or break a space and so it’s so important to get this right. This is why I love Designer Rugs in Sydney so much. Recently their rugs were featured in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby where a number of the Catherine Martin Deco Collection appeared on set.

The beauty about Designer Rugs is that they support you to customise your rug to any size, colour and even right down to creating your own design if you don’t see something in their gallery that works. Having this much control over such a large piece in each design means that I can customise a unique rug that truly encompasses the overall room design as well as injecting some of my client’s personality into the space. For me a rug can pull a space together and also finishes off the room either providing that splash of colour and/or pattern or some much needed texture.

In this post I wanted to highlight some of my favourite designs from both Designer Rugs (Sydney) and their partner company based in Melbourne -The Rug Collection. Between the two of them I can normally find what I’m looking for and adapt it to work with the design.

There are several options in terms of rug type that should be considered depending on your space, style and functional requirements.

Traditional wool cut pile

These are probably the most versatile rugs in terms of design and colour. These are wool and in some instances silk cut pile rugs that feel soft under foot and work on both carpet or hard floors. This is where Designer Rugs come into their own, by collaborating with some of Australia’s leading designers to create unique pieces for all interiors which can be customised by size and colour to work with any design and colour palette.

Flat weaves

I obtain these pieces through The Rug Collection, a Designer Rug’s partner. These pieces are either jute or 100% wool and have a rougher texture than the cut pile. They offer a more rustic textural element to a room and are great for areas that require natural colour palettes and materials. These are hard wearing for higher traffic areas. I often use these in my design if I have a lot of other colour and pattern present in the room and need a piece to ground the space.

Textures and shag piles

These are fabulous and fun pieces for a room that needs a lift through a highly textural piece. Designer Rugs make these in several finishes some with a longer pile and others that are cut to feel more like a carpet. Again customised in terms of size and colour these pieces are versatile enough to work in any design adding a playful element to a room. See the pieces below for examples of each type of rug. It’s hard to choose as each one if so beautiful and brings such unique elements to a space.

And don’t forget in most instances you can adapt the colours you are seeing here to your personal colour palette. If you have any questions about these rugs feel free to contact me on

Designer collaboration - Akira Isogawa - Shoka (image from

Designer collboration - Easton Pearson - Monn Shadow (image from

In house rug - New York can be custome coloured and sized (image from

Flat weave from The Rug Collection (image from

Designer Collaboration - Catherine Martin - Deco Garden Party (image from

Designer Collaboration - bernabeifreeman - Applique (image take from

Texture rug - Coral Shag in grey and white (image take from

Designer Collaboration - Camilla - endless summer (image take from

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