Apartment Renovation – Rose Bay Part 3 – Decision time

Oct 23, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi Guys. Since my last installment on this project a lot has happened and many decisions have been made. There comes a point in the design process where the plans are set, use of space is decided and then we have to work out what to put in each space. That’s where the decisions come in on my client’s part, and I spend a lot of time presenting samples and options and working with fixtures, fittings and colour schemes.

So the last month at Rose Bay has been just that. We’ve looked at Bathroom fixtures and have decided on these, with a focus on traditional fixtures and black and white tiles. See below my electronic mood board for the main bathroom to give you an idea on what we’re heading for.

For the kitchen we’ve pinned down layout and finished, using fresh white cabinetry, black benchtops, a gooseneck tap and drop in single bowl sink with drainer for practicality. When choosing items like this it’s important to remember who will be living there. This is a rental property therefore drop in sinks are ideal. I would never use an undermount sink in this scenario as renters are less likely to take care of the stone and with undermount the stone around the sink will chip.  See below design board for the kitchen.

As you can see from the kitchen design board we’ve also chosen a new timber floor which will run through the kitchen/dining space. This is a classic walnut colour and then we will have a natural taupe colour carpet in all other rooms.

I’ve also drawn up a plan for downlights and feature pendant lights, I worked through the process that I talked about in last week’s blog to come up with the placement and zoning of these, you can read there here: https://www.anoushkaallum.com.au//design-lighting-plan/.

We have also worked through the colour consultation choosing all paint colours throughout the apartment. We’ve opted for a simple warm grey and white palette that will work for most renters and the furniture that they will bring with them. We will vary the intensity of the colour depending on the light within the room. So some rooms full strength, some half and maybe one or two quarter strength. And then bright white ceilings, doors, architraves and skirting.

As you can see it’s been a busy 4 weeks. We have another 4 weeks to go to work on window coverings, finalising building quotes and ensuring all of the above works well for us. Then we will wait until the new year to start the work! Once the work is underway I’ll post progress updates regularly, so look out for these in the new year!

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