Apartment Renovation – Rose Bay Part 4 – Renovation underway!

Feb 12, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi Guys. Since my last installment on this project way before Christmas when we finished up the design phase things have been quiet. With Christmas and new year shut downs we had the owner seeking approval from committee to get the renovations underway, but that’s all that happened. And yes of course, don’t forget when you are part of a strata managed building you must seek approval for all building works before moving ahead.

The reno started last week! So no more waiting. There have been some pitfalls already, and we’ve had to adjust our design plans because of this. Always be ready to go with the flow in your reno, you can plan, plan, plan all you like but until you get in there you don’t know what you’re dealing with. We were unsure if we could accommodate the laundry in the ideal location, and it seems we can’t run the water as we would like. Therefore, plan B has kicked in and we’re bringing the laundry out of a cupboard into the kitchen area. We will conceal behind doors and area able to vent to an exterior wall. So plan B doesn’t look all that bad. It’s good to have back up plans in mind as we needed to make this decision within 24 hours so we don’t hold up the build.

We’ve had everything delivered to site already such as tiles and bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures and we’re now check measuring for cornice as these can have a long lead time. The plan for this week is to remove the walls that need to be removed and then build out the new walls and openings. At least then we can be ready for check measure for cabinetry. If anyone has done a renovation you will know to get cabinetry check measured as soon as possible in the schedule as you may be looking at a 5-6 week lead time from check measure to install (may be longer).

As you can see from the photo’s it ain’t pretty. But I want to share with you the realities of a reno, the good and the bad. What to look out for, what to be ready with and also most importantly to relax and go with it.

Get ready for the next installment, walls in and check measures will be happening for cabinetry and flooring!

Lots of rubbish removal happening

We’re closing the back of this cupboard on the kitchen side and have opened up the front to reinstate as a entryway cupboard. Much needed storage.

Existing kitchen is now gone!

Bathroom has also gone! The walls on the right and left will go this week to open up and make into 2 bathrooms

Trying to match in some new architraves for around the new door openings to bathrooms and bedrooms.

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