Apartment Renovation – Rose Bay Part 6 – Construction in the final month

May 7, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi Guys. Since my last installment on this project which was in March we’ve seen so much progress. As you know the main areas of work in this project are in and around the 2 new bathrooms and the kitchen/dining areas. Here we’ve removed walls, opened up the kitchen into the dining area and made the kitchen bigger, as well as taking some space from the master bedroom and creating an ensuite.

We’re now at the stage where we are installing the first round of cabinetry into the kitchen, bathrooms, robes into both bedrooms and fitting out our new hallway cupboard which used to be part of the kitchen.

Ceilings have either been repaired or replaced, we selected a close fit cornice to work with the rest of the apartment, and we’ve received delivery of our hardwood timber flooring letting it acclimatise in the apartment before installing.

As you can see below the tiles are being installed into the bathrooms, these will be completed this week. Vanities are going in which means the plumber can come back to fit off all of our fixtures.

Next big items for the coming weeks are the new timber flooring and skirtings, painting the whole apartment, installation of our stone benchtops, and tiling the splashback in the kitchen. We also have some lighting to finish off, and installation of a feature light for the hallway. I’ll then have blinds fitted and we’ll be ready for the next rental marketing campaign.

In 4 weeks I hope to be bringing you some awesome before and after comparisons so you can really see where the changes have taken place over the last 14 weeks. Exciting!

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