At Anoushka Allum Design, I don’t impose my style upon anyone, but co-design with you through a series of meetings.  This information will guide and inform every decision we make through the project.

Meet and Agree

Our kick-off meeting. Work through inspiration, design styles, loose plans and ideas. Set a general design direction, budget and I will measure or talk through your architect’s/draftsman’s plans.

Concept Design

I’ll present mood-boards, a loose concept supported by floor plans, materials samples and imagery. With your feedback, I can go away and finish designing.

Anoushka Allum Interior Designer Sydney Australia

Design Development and Documentation

I finalise plans and design details. This includes completion of finishes schedules, floor plans, elevations, and sometimes 3D renders. I provide a full pack of samples, and we review quotes from builders, joiners and sourced items.


Construction/Design Management

You can choose to engage me throughout the construction phase of your project. I work with the builders and suppliers to so everything is ordered correctly and delivered on time. I will ensure your design is realised and even manage your defect list at the end of the project before final handover.

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