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There’s no doubt it feels like a home invasion when you bring a new pet to join the family. I’ve always had cats, so very comfortable with what’s needed there. But since getting our puppy Lottie there’s a whole other level of ‘stuff’ that seems necessary to make a puppy feel comfortable whilst preventing lasting destruction to existing furniture and finishes.

Being a designer I’m always on the hunt for well designed and made pieces that are super functional but that also look good. I’ve come across some awesome products that I thought I would share here for any other furrbaby owners that need some inspiration for their pet essentials.

Let’s start small, a quick word on toys. Puppy and dog toys are a must if you don’t want your furniture chewed to bits. And of course they are always lying around the place. I tend to choose neutrally coloured toys, or muted tones rather than lots of bright blues, neon oranges or shocking pinks. This helps to blend them into the general look and feel of a room.

Now on to more serious matters, litter trays, scratching posts, dog crates, automatic feeders, and storage. All really important to get right. Here’s a word on each:


If you have a dog and a cat in residence together you’re going to need to get very clever to avoid the little pupper helping themselves to daily treats from the tray (you know what I mean 😊). I’ve done so much research and if you also have a small dog the fully enclosed trays with the flap door look much better than the standard tray but it’s not enough to keep Lottie out. I’m opting for a top entry litter box from Modkat. There are a few great options on the market, I know this one is pricey but its by far the most aesthetically pleasing out there, comes in 3 colour options too:

If you have a slightly larger dog and so front entry isn’t an issue then take a look at this as a lovely option that would sit well in any laundry or bathrooms from Petkit.


This was harder. We’ve trained Lottie from a puppy to sleep through the night in her crate and I hope to continue this. So my black wire crate will not cut it in my kitchen forever more. There are some really fabulous options out there that look like pieces of furniture. Take a look at these, I’m definitely going to make the investment.

Richards and Wood

Nice people workshop


These have been an issue over the years to find something that both looks fabulous and that also the cat likes to actually scratch! There’s a wonderful company based in Germany that manufactures the most devine pet accessories of the highest quality. This is by far my favourtie cat tower, The Torre:


I’ve been using this feeder for 6 months now. We needed something automatic as our kitty Rosie likes to wake us up every morning at 4am for her breakfast – fun! Now that we have this firmly installed in a spot that she can easily access away from the dog she’s a super happy kitty at 4am in the morning, and we no longer get that wake up call! AS you can se Petkit is a favourite for me:

I hope my round up helps on some level. I guess the main thing to take away is that if you look hard enough and are willing to spend a bit then you will always find something that looks and work well.

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