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Nov 22, 2021 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

I’ve often spoken about good bathroom design on my blog, but never specifically a whole post about tile design and how to pull a scheme together. For me this is the most enjoyable part of any bathroom design process. I always get my clients to join me at the tile showroom so we can work through this with lots of ideas and samples at hand and really come up with a unique design tailored to their home.

What should you think about when choosing tiles? These are such an important element in any bathroom and not easy to change once a bathroom is finished. So, let’s talk about how to get this right. I don’t use any more than varations of tile in one bathroom, and mostly stick to just 2 for a more modern look. For instance, I love to choose a super textural tile for walls and floor and then add in a feature tile somewhere. This makes for a beautifully calm bathroom; simplicity is sometimes better.

Beecroft Ensuite bath – 2 tile design 

Where to put the feature tile I hear you ask? Well, this is where your layout will dictate where best to show off your key feature tile. Sometimes I will use this on a long wall in a shower space, especially if the shower is wall to wall. You can run a feature up and over a ledge or into a niche. Above I’ve featured the bath, which is always a nice way to use your stand out tile.

Sometimes if I have a shower and vanity on the same wall, I will run the feature throughout that whole wall. And other times I may use a feature tile on the floor, especially in more traditional homes.

Beecroft Main bathroom vanity – feature tile on floor with plain white wall tiles

And what about size and format? Well, my go to is a 600×600 tile for the base tiles (floor and walls), I think this offers up cleaner lines and less fuss when it comes to grout, sometimes I will drop down to a 300×600 if the space is smaller. And then I like to mix this with a smaller feature tile, this may be a mosaic, a herringbone, or vertical subways stacked.

Forestville project – 600×600 tiles wall and floor with a feature penny round

And what about colour? This depends on so many other aspects of your home. I don’t always specify white and grey bathroom tiles, not at all. I like to play with colour here if the client is on board with this. Colour can come in through your feature tile. Or it might be contrast that you’re after, so a black and white scheme could be perfect. Just take your lead from the rest of your home.

And finally, a word on materials. Whilst porcelain is the most widely used material in tiles for it’s easy care, cement and natural marble are definitely great options to create different looks. Just be aware if choosing these you need to seal your tiles every 2 years if it’s a bathroom that is used regularly.

If you’re designing a bathroom and need some help don’t hesitate to reach out through my contact page on this website.

Happy designing!

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