Beautiful pet friendly indoor plants and how to style with them

Mar 11, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

This summer I’ve really been investing and taking time over sourcing great indoor plants and the perfect pots to house them. Plants are an investment, especially if your home is big enough to accommodate several floor standing plants. And many of us have pets, so shy away from introducing green into our home just in case it’s something that could hurt our furrbabies. Let me tell you that there are plenty of beautiful plants out there that are perfectly safe for your pets.

Boston Fern

One of my favourite plants I have two or these, they create a tropical feel from hanging baskets, can be great in bathrooms as they love high humidity and are pretty easy to care for and grow. Research tells is they are completely non-toxic to pets so go for your life. Clustering 2 or 3 of these beauties look fabulous. Here’s my most recent addition in a fabulous 70’s style retro pot


Near enough all succulents are non-toxic to pets. This is great news and pick the right decorative pots and you can have yourself a large arrangement of succulents or smaller pots for individual plants in clusters of two or three on shelves or window sills.


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This one is a bit controversial. I wanted to mention it as it will be the plant that takes over in popularity from the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Anything 70’s retro is back in right! I love these, and so I do have one in the house. They are appearing on the low toxicity scale especially for cats. However, they aren’t life threatening and your cat would have to eat a lot of the plant for vomiting to occur. I actually wipe the leaves of all of my indoor plants with an oil, which I’ll talk about in a second and my cat doesn’t seem to like the smell, so there’s a bonus if you’re insure!

Areca Palm

If you’re looking for a large floor standing plant, then this is a great non-toxic option. I have to say I’ve tried one of these and my cat just kept eating, not an ideal outcome I know. But I love how sculptural these are and they can really lift a room if you’re lacking texture and height in your pieces.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Yes, I have to talk about it. These are by far the most popular plant in interior decoration and has been for about 2 years now. Completely safe for pets. I LOVE the size and shape of the leaves and if you are able to invest in a large specimen then you won’t regret it. I just bought one of these home and when your husband says that’s stunning then you know it’s the right choice. Yes, they are true to their name, they are tricky to look after. Keep it in a constant room, don’t move it around too much. Filtered light, a warm spot, few drafts. Also don’t over water or let it sit in water. I intend to pop mine outside in the rain and use the shower to water. Also every now and again I’ll wipe the leaves with Eco-Oil. It’s an organic pesticide that includes white oil. This oil keeps the leaves healthy and shiny whilst protecting them. I popped mine in this stunning pot on a stand to get it up off the floor and give it some extra height. Mio seems to like it already!


Here are some of my favourite places to source pots and baskets from. I recently purchased the ones in these photo’s from Flower Power. They are an investment, I would say only buy what you love, and try and keep them to a style. I always use white pots, I think the greenery looks stunning against the white. I also like natural colour baskets.

Miss pots –

Flower Power – (if you’re in Sydney Terrey Hills is the best)

Design Twins –

Arc & Family –

Note: with any of these decorative pots it’s always good to keep your plant in the plastic pot it comes in and place inside the decorative pot with a tray at the bottom.

This is a really comprehensive resource if you are even in doubt. I always check tis list if I’m choosing a new plant to bring into the house:

Disclaimer: Always check with your vets or online resources if you’re worried about any of these species of plants that you might want to introduce into your home, each animal’s needs are different.

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