Book Review – rethink the way you live

Mar 4, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

By Amanda Talbot

I’ve been completely consumed and inspired by a book that was recently bought for me. The reason for this is that as a designer Amanda’s (the author) philosophy really challenged me and my processes when creating homes for my clients. A lot of the time my brief is based on a look that a client has seen in a magazine, or desired for years, or just a feeling they would like to create in their spaces. Often this is achieved through sourcing fresh, new pieces, adding in new storage, refreshing the colour palette of the space and often throwing out a lot of the old. Whilst I focus on assisting my clients to on-sell, recycle and reuse where possible I always felt that this required more focus.

Rethink really highlights the way people are reconsidering the way they live. With the global trends that we have been faced with economically, environmentally and technologically the way we live just isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. The thing I like about this book is that it highlights how we can all become more resourceful using old and new methods to build a home that not only is aesthetically pleasing to us but also account for sustainability bringing more meaning and thoughtfulness into our lives.

Amanda talks about how she herself having been in the design industry for so many years as an associate editors for British Elle decoration and home editor of Livingetc Amanda has been close to emerging trends. She left this career because she says she ‘had fallen out of love with shelter magazines. I could no longer connect with the content of these types of magazines because they didn’t relate to the way we lived. I didn’t know anyone who had a glossy home filled with expensive designer furniture. My home was filled with Ikea, Habitat, flea market finds, press gifts and handmade bits and bobs.’

I’ve talked in the past about creating a real home, not show home. I believe at the core of what I do is to connect closely with my clients and really try and see into their lives and hearts to bring a sense of soul, their soul to the home. I try and get them to reconsider what they felt that may look or feel like in the first instance, to get them to a point where they have a home that is honest, thoughtful and humble.

I encourage you to take a look at rethink. It will open your eyes and get you to challenge how you think you should be living, and perhaps help you to get to the point where you realise the truth about what is comfort vs. the façade in turn breaking down that façade to get to a more truthful representation of you in your home. Plus it’s full of beautiful photography of homes all around the world that will inspire!

Happy reading.

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