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Mar 18, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

Feng Shui in Chinese science is underpinned by chi energy, basically energy currents in the atmosphere around us. Much like the way we connect wirelessly to our devices chi energy exists in the same way. It is believed that chi energy can impact positively or negatively on a home and its occupants depending on how well our home is set up to assist positive chi energy to exist and move freely through our spaces.  So here are a few tips to assist your chi by removing negative energy to create a harmonious feeling in your home.

GENERAL TIPS           

  • Get rid of clutter! This can be very therapeutic and help lighten your mood
  • Get rid of anything you don’t like only
  • Introduce as much natural light and fresh air as possible; this will improve your Chi and bring in more good energy into your home
  • Open windows whenever possible
  • Big open windows and skylights are essential for bringing in natural light


Main Entrance  

  • Placing wind chimes outside your front door will discourage sha chi or negative energy from coming into your home
  • If you place a “money frog” inside the front door of your house facing inward it will attract luck and prosperity into your household
  • Use a fountain in your entrance way to help Chi circulate through your home


  • Always keep your toilet lids down, they have a draining effect on the Chi in your house
  • Open windows in your bathroom to counter the bad Chi
  • Avoid fabric in your bathroom as they will slow the flow of Chi, instead use ceramic tile, glass, and chrome fixtures
  • Place plants in your bathroom to absorb moisture which will help minimize the bad Chi. Lucky Bamboo is the best choice, since most bathrooms have very little light

Dining Room 

  • A circular table is best for good chi, otherwise use a circular rug, placemats or centre piece
  • Ensure your dining room has an even number of chairs, and the “honored guest” should be facing the doorway
  • Dining chairs with high backs and arm rests provide protection and support
  • Include a crystal chandelier in your dining room plans, as it will help in the flow of Chi


  •  Your children’s bedroom should be facing East because that is where the sun rises
  • Do not place your child’s bed under a window, it will cause restless sleep
  • Ensure natural light can enter your child’s room, place crystals in the window to encourage Chi to move freely
  • Do not let your child’s desk be placed so their back is facing the doorway, if this is not possible place a mirror on the desk so your child can see the door behind them
  • Place a globe in your child’s room, it represents educational success and academia
  • Place a mobile in your baby’s crib, it will stimulate activity and help Chi move in the room
  • Adults should have their bedroom face the West
  • Choose soft colours to decorate your bedroom; this will help create a restful atmosphere
  • Do not allow the foot of your bed to face a doorway or face a window
  • Do not have more than 2 mirrors in your bedroom
  • Do not place your bed under overhead beams, bookcases, or shelves; it will cause restlessness
  • Ensure the corners of your dresses and chairs are not aimed at you
  • Avoid having electronics in your bedroom, they produce energy that destroys good Chi

Living Room   

  • Your living room should be in the South side of your house, or it should face South
  • Your living room should be a square or rectangular shape
  • Place your furniture in a circular pattern to encourage Chi to flow freely and to create a sense of unity
  • Your living room should have a flat ceiling
  • Ensure there are no exposed beams in your family room, as they can direct bad Chi
  • If your living room ceiling is sloped or you have exposed beams hang crystals to counter their effect


  • Keep your kitchen neat and clean at all times; do not allow dishes to pile up
  • Keep your counters clean and clear
  • Clean out your refrigerator on a regular basis
  • Your kitchen should not face north because it will increase the amount of mishaps in your home
  • If your kitchen does face north hang crystals to counter the effects
  • Good lighting and ventilation reduce negative energy in the kitchen
  •  The kitchen sink and the stove represent water and fire, they should not be placed next to each other, if this is not possible place a plant between them
  • Do not display your knives, this creates negative energy
  • Display fresh fruit as a symbol of health and abundance

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