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I’m finding in these more challenging times, the quoting process for a build a lot more fraught with emotion and potential pitfalls. To be honest it’s never easy deciding which builder to use on your home build or renovation. It’s a big amount of money to spend with a business, and so I can totally understand why this may cause stress and for emotions to run high when a quote comes back higher than expected, above budget or just way out of the ballpark.

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Part of my role sometimes is to guide my clients through the quoting process. It’s fraught with roadblocks and pitfalls that I’d rather avoid if we can. We spend all this time designing to get to the end of the process only to find builders taking forever to quote, not turning up to meetings, or worse completely over pricing a project. The biggest thing though I find is that my clients just don’t know who to trust, and that’s why I often get asked to have one of my trusted teams quote a project.

However if you aren’t working with a designer or architect to access their network, here are some things to look out for in your process that may assist you in making the right decision and ultimately engage the right builder for your project:


A builder that is interested in a transparent and trusting relationship right from the get go is worth their weight in gold. If they are saying things like we will itemise your quote and list out all of the exclusions that we just can’t cost until we uncover the bones of the build. Or we will absolutely keep your budget top of mind and come up with alternatives where possible to help manage those costs, these are the guys you want on your project.


Never take a builder at their word on this, I would always say only invite builders to quote that have come through a trusted referrer, someone who has used them before extensively and a referrer that you trust, they have come through a local neighbour, a friend, a network group or online forum perhaps. But please please do follow up referees and go check out their work.


If it does it probably is. So you’ll either get a poor quality job done and end up spending more in the future putting mistakes right or they will hit you up with variations along the way inflating the quote to the level that your other builders realistically quoted at. Never go for the lowest quote. I recently had 2 quotes to refresh the exterior of my property. One was half the price of the other, I went for the higher quote as I could tell their attention to detail and knowledge was far superior. I am so happy with the job done.

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I’m a big believer in trusting my gut. I work with 4 teams across Sydney, every one of them I would have in my own home. I’d trust them with the keys and go on holidays and so I can honestly say I trust them with my client’s homes too. My teams are all a pleasure to have around. So when you’re meeting your builders ensure you get to meet the person that will be onsite day in day out, sometimes you meet the owner but they have a couple of foreman/project managers that actually run the projects. You want to meet those guys, they are the ones that will be advising you day to day, making decisions on your behalf and managing your budget.

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I hope this helps a little, as I said it’s not an easy decision and you want to get it right first time. If you need assistance with your interior design process please feel free to pick up the phone or drop me an email. Within my process I can introduce you to some of the best builders in Sydney to get your job done right first time.

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