Choosing the right neutral tones for your exterior

Aug 22, 2022 | Anoushka's Blog

I wrote a similar post to this back in 2019 but with an interior focus. Exteriors are top of mind for me at the moment as we’ve seen a huge shift towards black and white homes. It seems trends have moved on from the grey exteriors and white homes with black features are definitely leading the way. I don’t necessarily think this is a good thing, as not every home suits this combination. Architecturally designed super modern exteriors can pull it off, especially with vertical wide cladding detailing and interesting architectural features.

Forestville exterior

AAD Forestville project – black and white exteriors

I also think homes with character can pull this off, older cottages, or homes in heritage and conservation areas such as my Beecroft project below:

AAD Project Beecroft – original facade 

However there are times when only colour will do. And I’m not talking about blues or greens, although there is a place for this, I’m seeing lots of deep navy weatherboards popping up with white trims, this is perfect on the right style of home and I think will stand the test of time when it comes to ‘trends’. But rather think about neutral colours.

I can up with this colour scheme recently for a 1st floor addition starting next month. We have an unusual existing brick colour on the ground floor and then we’re adding a weatherboard 1st floor in Dulux Linseed for the boards (see below). Coupled with Monument and Lexicon I think this is a lovely way to tie in the brick without having to introduce greys.

Dulux Linseed, Dulux Monument, Dulux Lexicon Half

Grey trends for exteriors are definitely on the way out. Although I think we’ll still see warmer greige tones and taupes being used on home exteriors as they are so easy to work with and live with. So when thinking about your ‘colour’, that might be for weatherboards, cladding, render or brick what are the best neutrals to choose form and what do you need to know? You need to be aware of undertones in neutrals.

So, what are the undertones?


The main undertones here are Violet, Blue and Green. I think we will see more of the green and violet moving forward and less blue greys.


The main undertones for Beige are Pink, Yellow and Green. These are definitely coming back to the forefront of exterior selections.


The main undertones for Taupe are Pink and Violet, this is a warmer grey tone, and will be around for a long while yet when it comes to exteriors.

The general rule is to stick to 2 undertones when combining, or for exteriors you could simply chose one. And if there are existing tones in some fixed elements such as bricks, it’s better to not fight the undertone and choose something that complements. Such as in this example:

Source Dulux: White Exchange half, Colorbond Dune, Pewter Frame

Then once you have your colour pick your 2 accents, these can be applied to roof, gutters, fascia and then another for eaves, windows, doors and any decorative timbers that you might have. There’s a lot to think about with placement of colour and I find every home is unique so takes some thinking through.

If you’re interested to understand more about colour and their undertones check out Maria’s blog, it’s full of awesome knowledge and information that will help you when choosing colour whilst renovating. Or if your in the Sydney area and would like to book a consultation don’t hesitate to reach out on

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