Choosing the right neutrals for your home

Jun 11, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

So I love this part of my work. Choosing the wall paint colours for a design is so important to get right. You’d think you’d need to start with this at the beginning of the design right? Well honestly I don’t, I leave it until almost the end. In fact I’ve probably designed my clients kitchen, pantry, laundry and bathrooms. We’ve chosen flooring and most of our fabrics for each room. Now’s the time to look at colours for the walls. Why? Well it’s so much harder doing it the other way around. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of neutral whites, grey’s beige, and taupes to choose from. But when selecting carpet, fabric for curtains and upholstery, tiles, and joinery finishes you are a little more limited in choice.

I find that specifying everything else and pulling that all together into a design makes choosing wall colours so much easier. Already you are narrowing down from thousands of colours to maybe 10 or 20 because you are working in with some many other elements. Then it’s about getting those 10 colours up on the walls and seeing which works best in the space.

Also I have to tell you I’m not a big believer in the natural light dictating what colour should go in which room. Natural light and its warmth or coolness changes through the seasons. When your garden is green in the summer of course the light will throw more green into your room, when it’s winter and a rainy cold day then your room will feel more grey or even blue.

Therefore, the best thing to do is tune in your eye, use your other samples in your room design to help you do this, and select a paint colour that best complements your other elements. Now I’m not saying if you’ve got a dark room with no windows black is going to work. You have to use some logic here. But if you’re in love with a colour, and the room suffers from less light than other rooms in your home, half or quarter strength that colour, and use full strength in other rooms. That way you have a great base colour that you can strengthen and lighten depending on the space, light and feel that you want to create.

Here in my Rose Bay apartment project we used full strength in the main living area, but half strength in the bedrooms as they were a little darker than the other areas.

Full Strength for main living areas

Half Strength in bedrooms

Same here in my Rozelle Terrace project, the lounge room was nice and bright but the study was darker so we used full strength and then halved it again for the study. As you can see the differences are subtle, but it works for the rooms so it doesn’t feel like a whole different colour. Just a nice flow from one room to the next.

Full strength living room

Half strength in study

Good luck guys, and for anyone local to Sydney needing assistance don’t hesitate to contact me to book in a colour consultation on

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