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Sep 24, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Well it’s that time of year again where Dulux have just released their trend forecast for 2018. We’ll see the Pantone colour of the year to follow shortly I’m sure. I thought I would share with you a round up and my thoughts on how you could utilise these 2018 colours into your homes. There are 4 schemes, Kinship, Essential, Escapade and Reflect. Here are my thoughts on each.


Here Dulux talk about “creating a space for compassion and kindness, truth and transparency. A colourful mish-mash of cultural influences”. We’ve become interested again in our heritage, wanting to focus on the handmade, artisans, small scale and where does this all come from? Kinship is about the revival of those traditions with a fresh perspective. They key here is tonal mixes of colour and less contrasting. And choosing colours that make you feel warmth and happiness. See below a kinship inspired room and some suggested colours.


For me this palette is really about going back to basics, and enjoying the simplicity of life. I feel that this lends itself well to the popular concept of Hygge – the Danish ritual for enjoying life’s simple pleasures. It’s a state of mind, and I think a lot of us are striving to this. This colour trend can really support a more calm, simplistic view on life. This is my favourite of the 4 trends for 2018. Here we combine neutral soft browns, sands and grey with muted greens and blues, and hints of warmer skin tones to create that balance and serenity.


Fun and adventure through travel. This trend is a little more daring the 2 prior and might not be to everyone’s tastes. Playful clashes of colour to brighten up your space and take your mind somewhere else. Mix up styles, materials and blocks of colour for unexpected interest. These colours are more intense. Think velvet occasional chairs, cushions, rugs and light shades. If you’re brave pick one or two smaller rooms and saturate with a strong colour on the walls like a study or powder room. And don’t forget to mix in lots of fresh bright white.


Here we are reflecting on designs from the past, and using technology to adapt to our needs now. This delivers hints of 70’s glamour, 90’s style and an overarching feel of timeless luxury. Here the key it to use deep moody colours. I feel like we’re seeing this trend play out in 2017 with the presence of those jewel colours that I’ve talked about a few times here. Classic colours here are used with a modern twist, such as hints of classic blues and greens with deep and moody purples and navy. Having said they I believe navy has been overused this year and emerald green will be the next intense colour.

All images are taken from the Dulux Australia website. For more information on these trends visit

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