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Jul 29, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

I think it’s important to try and inject some creativity into any of my projects by using colour. I tend to find that a lot of my clients initially are afraid of colour in their homes, sticking with the various shades of white, cream, and beige. This is fine, as long as it’s applied well and lot of items with texture are introduced so that the interior doesn’t feel flat and lifeless. I believe it’s actually harder to achieve a balanced and interesting interior without the use of colour, and if you get it wrong you will always feel like something is missing.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t always use bright colours such as blues, reds and yellows. I also use a lot of interesting and classic greys, muted green and blue tones as well as black in my designs. In fact more recently black has been a colour that I try and introduce into a space to help ground a design. I recently updated my own home and in the lounge room I had quite a lot of soft beige, whites left over and browns from pieces that I have had for over 7 years. I replaced the browns with black through a side table, a rug and some scatter cushions and the impact was huge and the space feels fresh and updated without redesigning the whole room.

So I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to introduce colour into your home, whether that’s through the less vibrant greys and black or by using fantastic pops of colour such as red or yellow. See what you make of these interiors and the use of colour in simple ways that anyone can try.

Black and grey is a great way to add drama without going crazy with bright colours

Red is a great colour to use in the kitchen and dining room as it is said to stimulate appetite. Don't go overboard with it, keep to 2 or 3 items in a room.

Pastels are very easy to live with and add a softness through colour

If you love colour don't limit yourself to just one or two in any one room, go for them all, but use on one or two pieces

Yellow works so well with grey and white, try it for a really up to date look

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