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There’s no doubt that curves are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Introducing curves into your design is a beautiful way of creating softness and encourage a better flow throughout a space. But in what areas can curves be used to deliver great impact?


I’ve talked a bit in the past about curves making an appearance in furniture design, and this is probably the easiest way to inject some curvature into your rooms. From round coffee tables and side tables, so sofas and chairs with a curved back, arms or in their complete design (like the sofa pictures below), these are all easily achievable if you are looking to invest in some new pieces. I’m also seeing a lot of curves consoles, buffets, and dining tables too, so keep an eye out for those.

Image Source: Globe West


There is no doubt curves are back BIG TIME when it comes to kitchen design. Especially on the island ends like in this image below (one of my favourites from the three birds). In fact, joinery in any space can be made with soft curves, entertainment/lounge room joinery, bookshelves, mudrooms. Anywhere where you want to create softness and flow.

A Three Birds Renovations design


Again, similar to the above I would bring curves into a bathroom through joinery such as your vanity. But I’m also playing with shower glass softened with a curve rather than a square finish. I do prefer to use fixtures in a bathroom that have an aesthetic softness to them, rounded tapware with curved spouts, rounded gooseneck showers like this one from Brodware that I recently used in a renovation. All of these elements add to a wonderful softness to a space.

Yokato collection by Brodware


Internal curved walls are a big thing right now, especially in circulation spaces. Great if you can work them into your design when renovating or building. This feature can also look good around a fireplace too. Think about how you might treat the wall to highlight the feature, it could be with a textured finish, or timber vertical panelling. And if you have existing curved features in your home’s architecture, please keep them, there are always amazing things that can be done to bring them up to date like my Beecroft project below and these curved doors into the formal lounge.

Beecroft Project – Arch doors 

Happy designing!

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