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Apr 15, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

I love the way Edit have taken this gorgeous silk and used it in a lampshade. Fabric from Edit Group

For most people choosing fabric for a room is a secondary consideration. By the time we get to the fabric we’ve normally chosen our colour palette, we’ve selected our furnishings, and we’ve probably even decided on floor coverings and window treatments. So at this point when we start to think about upholstery, curtains or blinds, cushions and throws we’ve seriously limited our options and we are now trying to make the fabrics fit with our already chosen scheme.

Let’s turn this on its head. Why not think about using your fabric selection as a jumping off point? Think about the colours, textures, pattern that you would like to see in your room. Take inspiration from magazines, websites and places you visit, perhaps even start a scrap book or post the images on to Pinterest (see recent blog post – Once you have an idea there are some fantastic fabric suppliers out there that can help you choose the right fabric for both your scheme and for its use. Usually these suppliers will let you go away with samples, so you can see what they look like in your space and how they all work together. Pin them to a pin-board, live with them for a while, swap fabrics in and out if you don’t feel that they are quite working. By going through this process you’ll know you’re making the right decision when it comes to ordering. You don’t have to go with the 5 choices that a furniture manufacturer gives you for that sofa or chair. In addition you can always think about having some cushions custom made with your choice of fabric to contrast with your upholstery. And then why not take this a step further and tie in your blinds/curtains and even lampshades in contrasting colours and patterns. Try a floral with a wide stripe in a similar colour palette, You’ll be surprised at how well this can work together.

Whilst on my travels I’ve been amazed at some beautiful fabrics available today, from cottons to linens , hemps to silks. The choices are endless. Try thinking outside of the box, start searching online and see what you can find, in the end you’ll end up with a gorgeous interior custom designed by you!

Ici et la stock this lovely cotton stripe fabric that can be used on these quirky stools.

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