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Jul 30, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

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I often get asked the question “What’s more important in a design, the large furniture items or the smaller details such as the fabric used in cushions, or decorative items selected?” This isn’t a hard question to answer, think about how easy it is to change the look and feel of a room through the smaller, less expensive elements in a room. It’s the small details that really make a design come to life.

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The smaller items are the things that tend to be more personal to the occupier. This is how you can really personalise your space, telling your own story through your home. For instance a collection of framed photos hung artfully on a wall (see earlier blog post on arranging a number of pictures on one wall, or decorative objects collected throughout many holidays are the pieces that create talking points. Take a look at these gorgeous tiny vases on this mantel, there offer elegant decoration without being huge investment pieces.

I also love these wall decals, a nice alternative to wallpaper. They are easily removed (usually peel on and off) and can add humour, interest, and a quirky design element to any space without having to be a permanent fixture.

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Or why not customised a piece of inexpensive furniture like this Ikea dresser, this is such a simple but effective way to add detail to what would have been a fairly standard looking dresser in a bedroom. You can also do this with other pieces of furniture such as an old chair or stool that needs an update, or a couple of bedside tables. Don’t be afraid to use paint to update and freshen up a piece that’s looking a little old and tired. This is a great way to add some personal detail.

Ikea dresser

Therefore my advice for a smarter interior is to keep the larger items neutral with clean elegant lines, so that you are able to change and update the design by sourcing new accessories, fabrics, and decorative items. Also customise your own pieces where possible, this will make for an original look without breaking the budget.

Happy decorating!

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