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Aug 24, 2020 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

I know I’ve talked about this before but now more than ever we need to bring some calm and tranquillity into our homes. A very good friend of mine messaged me the other day saying I had inspired her to bring more plants into her home, there’s no greater complement than this for me.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram lately you will have noticed that my most recent posts have been focussed around styling with a personal and deep connection to the pieces you display and also I’ve been featuring some of my favourite plants that I have at home. When I think about the finishing touches for a room, it just isn’t complete without some greenery to connect with our natural environment around us. Plants create natural texture that you just can’t get with other materials, northing can replace a large leafed tropical floor standing plant in a corner, or an interesting arrangement of succulents in the middle of a coffee table.

I can hear the groans and comments. I get it all the time, but plants need looking after, or I kill everything that I bring into the house, or I have cats and don’t want anything toxic for them to eat. Honestly there are plants for everyone, every situation and every cat out there! So here are my top low care plants, and some are even ok for Rosie to eat (that’s my ragdoll cat if you aren’t following me on social, and if you aren’t following then get over there and hit follow or like 😊).

ZZ Plant or Zanazibar Gem

This plant tolerate neglect like you wouldn’t believe. It’s also great for low light spots in your home. You can get away with watering once a month if needed, and it’s quite the little gem in terms of the rewards you get with the structured stems and waxy leaves. Maybe avoid this one if you have a  kitty it has medium toxicity for cats. I think these are best displayed in a larger pot and on a stand to give it some height.

Cheese Plant or Monstera

Again very low care it likes to dry out between watering so you can get away with once a month or once a fortnight if needed. It can tolerate low light and some indirect sunlight. This one grows like you wouldn’t believe, mine below has now gotten too big for that spot so I have it floor standing now. This isn’t safe for kitty (I’m just lucky that Rosie doesn’t eat my plants). I like these in baskets as they get bigger but you can start them off in a small pot.

Fiddle Leaf

These are ok for cats, and what a plant this is. Some say they are hard to keep but this isn’t my experience. They do like some direct sun and to be in a room with great natural light. They also like a regular water I would say once a week for these guys. After some time don’t be worried if the bottom leaves drop, this is natural. I didn’t want mine to turn into that top heavy tree shape so I took 2 generous cuttings of healthy leaf growth popped them in water for 3 months and replanted and this is what I have now, great right!


Most succulents are ok for your pets, and again they are so easy care requiring very little water and also they rarely need repotting. You can cluster several in a pot or feature just one larger plant. Either way these are an excellent way to style up a shelf. The great thing about these guys is that you can take cutting and so easily propagate and add more to your collection.

Bee, brass singing bowl and succulent detail on wooden shelf


Again, very safe for your pets. I have 3 of these at home. And this year I managed to get them all to flower again. So, the secret here is to no over water, just a damp feel to material in the pot is best. I like to use ice cubes to water these. Also giving them a feed a couple of times during summer will make the flowers last longer but also encourage new growth at the end of winter. Again these like good natural light, but no direct sun and keep them away from aircon ducts.

I hope this is useful to anyone wanting to introduce plants into your home, give it a try, it’s so rewarding and easier than you might think.

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