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Feb 25, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

I visited the D+D trade fair earlier this month and it was a fair full of great inspiration and unique suppliers. The theme this year seemed to be around plenty of natural materials and textures, and lots of blues and greens not just in the soft furnishings but also furniture pieces. Perfect for summertime in Australia, especially if you’re near the water or want to create a light and natural feeling interior.

I especially enjoyed the MRD Home stand, pictured below. Their collection of aqua blue lighting, decorative items and natural wood pieces certainly would make a fantastic impact in any interior.

MRD Home

MRD Home

MRD Home

Designer Boys didn’t fail to impress with their new ranges, also I still love these butterfly pictures that come in 2 pieces hung side by side.

Designer Boys

Designer Boys

Lighting was also a bit of a theme, with plenty of suppliers to choose from. Check these lights out from About Space and Emac & Lawton. Both fabulous suppliers and very reasonably priced.

Emac & Lawton

About Space

To top it all off I was so impressed with this young artist from Melbourne who not only paints commissioned pieces for clients, but also translates her art onto soft furnishings such as these gorgeous cushion covers. Check out for more information. I hope this has provided you with some inspiration to do something a little out of the usual in your home.

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