Deep Purple

Apr 1, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Luxurious shades of purple

I was visiting a friend’s new home recently that has been designed with shades of grey and blue in mind, a very up to date colour palette of course so you can’t go wrong. The space looked beautiful, felt calming and surprised me with wonderful use of deep blue velvets and luxurious grey/silver silks that caught the light flooding into each room creating a sense of depth and warmth throughout. However the wow factor was created by using small pops of deep purple here and there, this created another layer of interest and was something a little unexpected.  The purple added a sense of fun to the interior and really reflects the personality of the person living there. I just loved the look that this created and would encourage anyone who wants to push the boundaries a little, don’t play it too safe with your colour palette, why not try a hit of purple? Think Cadbury chocolate purple to warm up that cool palette! Use the colour sparingly, it doesn’t have to be a whole feature wall rather a simple vase, a few candles, or perhaps in the fabric that you use for your cushions, lamp shades or blinds.

Thanks Amh for sharing your gorgeous home with me, it really was an inspiration.

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