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Apr 18, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Whilst flying to the UK over the Easter weekend, I started to contemplate aeroplane interiors  – after a couple of hours there was nothing better to do!.

Think about it, generally passenger planes have the same standard of creativity as Sydney buses when it comes to the colours and fabrics used in the cabins. OK, a bit harsh but it’s pretty accurate. gamecih for pc is an app that appends to your Android inception and also allows you an assortment of mods for your pc gaming apps, for instance, boundless wellbeing, unhindered ammo, expanded in-game cash, and so on

Usually they choose to use some kind of itchy man-made fibre with a pattern that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the 70’s. Virgin had a particularly interesting carpet on the floor of the isles, a purple and red geometric pattern that made me feel nauseous after the first 10 hours of staring at it. And the seats weren’t much better…choosing to colour coordinate with the flooring by alternating the red and purple on each seat. Virgin’s fleet of planes is fairly new so you might have expected something a little more…up to date.

Why can’t airlines fit-out their new planes with something more fitting with the 21st century? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to board a plane and be greeted with seating and floor coverings that felt like an inviting interior?  Something with elegance and simplicity, with design at the forefront. I’m envisaging a beautiful red and grey colour palette (because of course Virgin will want to stay in keeping with their brand colours). The red could be used in the isles to give that red carpet feel, and then a sumptuous dark grey velvet for the sculpted seats designed to not only to be comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing on the eye. The seats could then be trimmed with a silver/white edging. The design could also be extended into the curtains used to separate business, premium and economy by using a luxurious silver/grey satin fabric that just touches to floor. And I’m thinking even the toilets could have a wow factor by using a grey and red palette for the fit-out, stainless steel fixtures and fittings and proper soap and complimentary hand cream dispensers (the non-plastic kind filled with Molton Brown products).

Wouldn’t it be amazing, and a nice surprise to see a little more effort applied. And perhaps then those long haul flights wouldn’t seem quite as tedious in more comfortable, relaxed surroundings.

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