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I often have this conversation with clients around trends. Sometimes a client will LOVE a trend that might be appearing all over Instagram, in showrooms and on home renovation shows, and it’s hard to ignore something that pleases you aesthetically and is constantly being reinforced by appearing everywhere. And this may surprise you, I won’t always try and avoid ‘trends’ as it really depends on what it is.

I do have a rule though around this, and this is if the trend is something that actually fits really well with the era or style of the home then for you and your space it isn’t a trend as such. A good example of this is subway tiles, we’ve seen them everywhere again for many years now, it’s a strong trend and possibly a trend that is coming to the end of it’s life span. However, if you have a classic style home, of a certain era and want to install a traditional horizontal brick pattern subway tile into your kitchen or bathroom then this isn’t really a trend as in your home it won’t date. Another good example is black hardware and metals, again in a more classic interior, or a transitional space with some heritage and some more modern aesthetics then black is totally appropriate for you to include. However black tapware in a contemporary bathroom will probably date over time.

Anoushka Allum Design – Rose Bay project

A good example of where not to install a trend is in say a 1960’s/70’s era home, and perhaps you have a bias to curves and want to curve some aspects of your joinery such as kitchen islands, shelving or media joinery. Then in this style of home that really does lend itself more to square more lineal features I would avoid the curves in this scenario and work with the era of your home. Using lineal features such as vgrooving in joinery to add character may be a better fit.

Anoushka Allum Design – Wahroonga project 70’s home

Having said all of this, if it a feature that you absolutely love and can’t be without and know that you will appreciate it for many years to come then do it. It’s your home, your budget and you are the one living with it, there are no hard and fast rules around these things.

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