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Sep 27, 2020 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Often as part of decorating and furnishing my clients homes I will design for teenage bedrooms. I wanted to write about this today because there’s a fine line between making a teen’s room too childish and too grown up therefore a bit serious. I think what’s important to remember when thinking about your young adult is that the room needs to be practical when it comes to joinery and storage but also it’s good to inject some of their personalities into the space, in an elegant way which will mean that the room will grow with them into adulthood.

So what are the main things to consider here? I might talk you through the choices we made in these two rooms and how they reflect the personality of the people using them. The first room below is a teenage boy’s room.

Teenage boys room design

This young chap came across as very considered with a balanced energy. I wanted to give him something that would be relaxing to read in, study in and be in. He loved blues and greys. The best way to inject some wow into a room like this is with a wallpaper either with a pattern repeat or a mural. So, we presented a couple of options and he picked this gorgeous morning mist scene from the UK. This was the perfect jumping off point. I then added in some clever storage around his window for his robe, his room is long and narrow so there was nowhere to place a traditional robe in this room.

Introducing the blue, white and tan leather then lead nicely onto the dark timber pieces with brass fixtures, quite masculine and wouldn’t look out of place in a master bedroom. With a custom bedhead and daybed to work together, a place to study and store books, he was all set. Plenty of surface area to display trophies, books, and collectables make this a fabulously practical space.

Now for his twin sister. She is a very feminine, strong young lady that definitely knew what she wanted. There was no doubt that this strong yet elegant (due to the colours) black and white floral mural was the way to go. So pretty yet very impactful.

Teenage girls room

Bringing in fresh white joinery, desk and bedside along with pink accents in the bed linen and day bed made this such a wonderfully feminine space without being over the top pastel pinks.

Sophisticated artwork really helps to make the room feel quite grown up, and little touches like the timber door knobs on the robes, and the dark window frames already present in the room keep the space feeling down to earth. Functionality here was to have a bed big enough for sleep overs and a daybed for extra sleeping space for friends. Also a place to get ready in the mornings and study if needed. Such a perfect room for a young lady.

So in summary inject your teen’s personality, bring in furniture pieces that wouldn’t look out of place elsewhere in the home, think about function storage wise, and how the space will be used. And most of all bring a bit of fun into the room. Wallpaper is such an easy way to do this and thesedays so easy to change later if needed.

Happy decorating!

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