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Nov 18, 2019 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi All, it’s been a while since I’ve written my blog. I’ve had some time away in Byron Bay for a wedding. Such a lovely time of year to go away up there in spring. Byron for me is all about connecting again with nature, wellness, and retreat style resorts. Even the homeware stores up there have a super chilled vibe, and of course I couldn’t miss out on a trip to the Crystal Castle, displaying some of the worlds largest crystal caves. We got back home feeling revived and ready for the run up to Christmas.

This got me thinking about designing for wellness. I’ve always been a big believer in our homes providing sanctuary from this crazy technology driven world. I think a home should be a space where we just slow things down, destress, and reflect on life. This definitely comes across in the way I guide my clients and design for them. I don’t impose my style as such, but who doesn’t want a calm space to come home to at the end of the day?

Believe me, every choice you make, every finish, texture, colour and piece you bring into your home all build to create a feeling, an energy if you like. That energy can be affected negatively if a choice is made that just doesn’t sit well with everything else. It might be the wrong shade of white on the walls, or a tile that just doesn’t work well scale wise, or a piece of furniture where the style doesn’t relate well to the rest of your pieces. And sometimes it’s hard to really pinpoint what’s off in a room.

So if you want to create your own Byron Bay retreat, or your version of (that’s just my dream), then think about these 5 key points as you build your rooms and make your selections:


Natural light pouring into my Rose Bay project

This has to be the one most important element to get right. I’m talking about natural light here. Natural light is so important to our health, and arranging your home around the natural light that enters it has to be a consideration. Make sure you have a light place to sit, read, and enjoy your morning coffee in. I preferably like to make this in the kitchen space. But also think about natural light in each of your bedrooms, and your main living areas. I think the laundry and perhaps one or two of your bathrooms can afford to be a little darker if needed, but only if this means that you can design your floor plan to ensure the above key areas have natural light flooding in.


Soft green and light timbers in a master bedroom

To help with the light colour would be the next most important element. There is a trend towards creating darker rooms, more cosy spaces that wrap around you and hold you tight. It’s ok to carve out a space like this, these rooms can be deeply rejuvenating. BUT the majority of your home should flow with lighter colours that are consistent throughout. I’ll talk about flow in a moment, but avoid big colour pops if you are looking to create a calm energy. Softer greens, blues, dusky pinks and terracotta all work well if you’d like to introduce colour in some way.


Custom robe for teenage boys bedroom

When creating your sanctuary clutter won’t help. Creating a spacious feeling can be done in smaller homes. But even larger rooms that are cluttered can feel small. So, ensure you have good storage in every room, not just open shelves but closed storage where your day to day items can be stored out of sight. Also dial down your décor, when creating a soothing energy less is more. You don’t need lots of ‘stuff’. Invest in key pieces that you love and that bring you joy, but exercise some restraint with the number of items. Give these loved possessions space to shine. All of this creates a sense of organisation and with it calm.


I know I talk about this all the time, but bringing green inside, and close to your windows externally is so important. Connection in nature has proven to decrease stress and adrenal fatigue. I advise a real plant in every room, and also if you are in a freestanding home and control your external landscape you want to see green from every window. This can be as easy as a cluster of pots on your deck or front porch. Or a green wall garden if your kitchen window looks out to a wall or fencing. Caring for your plants gives us immediate access to nature, and that in itself is a de-stressor.


And finally flow, what do I mean by this? Without consistency throughout, your home can feel confused. Consistency through floor plan, colour palette, finishes and materials, style, scale, all of these elements deliver cohesion, and cohesion creates a feeling or an energy of harmony and balance, and of course this leads to a calm vibe.

Hopefully it’s easy to see how every element impacts this feeling or energy vibe in our home. We all feel differently, our needs are all different, and I work with my clients to really draw out of them what those needs are and how we can build a space that can support those needs both functionally and energetically.

Give me a call if you’re about to go down this path of interior design to get your energy right for your home.

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