Aug 16, 2021 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Want something other than a white kitchen? That’s a hot discussion at the moment with most of my clients. I design very few pure white kitchens these days. Often favouring a mix of white with timbers and of course black has been very popular over the past few years. But what I’m working on of late tends to encompass good conversations around the use of different colours in kitchen design, it’s actually very exciting. So here’s how I navigate a conversation around where we introduce colour and in what way and in what quantity:


The most obvious way to bring colour into your kitchen design is through the joinery. A favourite go to that’s super easy to work and live with is blue. That could be a deep navy which works so well in a Hamptons/classic style home, or more playful powder blues and anything in between. You can really go to town.

All blue kitchen designed by Anoushka Allum Design

What I’m also seeing is a real trend towards the greens. Both strong deep forest greens and also softer sage and those beautiful eucalyptus colours. Laminex recently released a whole set of colours around this sort of palette, making designing kitchens with coloured laminate very easy.  My wonderful designer friend Lisa Santamaria at Santamaria Design created this wonderful green adn timber kitchen for her clients in Sydney, so Australian and sympathetic to the environment around us.

Feature green in kitchen Designed by Santamaria Design


If it makes sense to just highlight the island with colour (if you have an island in your design) then this is also a beautiful way to not only bring in colour to your design but also to really elevate the island as your centre piece of the kitchen. Here is my Beecroft project we chose a very deep navy for this characterful home. Wrap the colour around the whole island, not just the front, for a much more up to date treatment.

Beecroft Kitchen with navy blue island designed by Anoushka Allum Design


If you aren’t feeling brave enough to commit to a colour permanently then accent with colour. You could choose an amazing emerald green, or soft pink. Bring this in through pendant lighting, small appliances like the wonderful Smeg kettles and toasters, bar stools, tea towels and perhaps even your window coverings. There are so many opportunities to highlight colour without it being so permanent.

Pastel colour Smeg appliances

Above all have fun with it. I think the kitchen should be a joyful space, it’s where we congregate as a family to eat, with friends to socialise and to relax with a cuppa. So make the most of your space and be brave with some colour!

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