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This year Dulux are introducing three new tonal palettes that are inspired by nature. I think it’s fair to say we all need a little connection to nature at the moment. Earthy tones, natural textures and summery hues all play a part in this years forecast. Check out the 3 palettes below, which is your fav?


Click here for the full palette

Living boldly with a sense of adventure and a passion for life. This palette allows you to layer colour and texture for a unique interior. This is such a great way to express your personality through an interesting mix of colour. By layering rich and soft earthy tones you can create a warmth in your home that welcomes your guests. Be inventive with this palette, you can really push the design boundaries here.


Click here for the full palette

Gentle earthy neutrals alongside rugged natural tones. These colours recede and in turn create a soothing space for it’s occupiers. Comfort is a priority in this palette, and an opportunity to enhance the sense of touch that we’ve been deprived of through this past year. Softer muted tones, khaki greens, warm neutrals, deep deep maroon, charcoals and greens bring a sense of clarity and calm to give you space to ground yourself.


Click here for the full palette

This palette is inspired by the 80’s and welcomes back fun colours. It’s playful and sentimental all at the same time. These colours bring joy and optimism into the home, especially as we all prepare to be able to invite friends and family back into our homes. Pinks, lilacs, pastel yellows, vivid greens, balanced with deep turquoise, tan and bright white make for a colourful and joyful palette.

I’ve got to say it’s hard to chose a favourite. There are elements of all that I love. But I’m probably most drawn to Flourish, so rich and deep and filled with luxury and opportunity to create something truly unique.

Happy painting!

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