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This year Dulux are introducing three new colour palettes that are inspired by the need to reconnect with nature. This was a similar them last year however I’m seeing these themes play more on emotion this year. Check out the 3 palettes below, which is your fav?


Click here for the full palette

With that feeling of lose of control and uncertainty over the past couple of years, people are seeking out rules and balance again. This palette evokes a sense of calm to aid this rebalancing process that we are all going through. With tones from the ocean, it draws us in allowing it to wash over us with it’s calming effects. Elegant, refined and harmonious.

Room scheme: Balance (image from dulux.com.au)


Click here for the full palette

Creating a connection with the outdoors is a big part of this scheme. We no longer need to live in cities and suburbs to work, so many have moved rurally and work from home. This reinforces this connection to nature. We look for sustainability, authenticity and meaning in the items we choose to connect to and surround ourselves with at home. Soft nature inspired greens, neutrals and earthy tones are the key in this scheme.

Room scheme: Connect (image from dulux.com.au)


Click here for the full palette

This palette is creative and joyful. The most colourful of the 3, featuring soft blues, lilacs and emerald greens. Individual style can emerge in this theme, this is a clash of the modern with style revival from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Some of my favourite era’s. Patterns are graphic, funky, wavy, checkered, pixelated and geometric.

Rome scheme: Revive (image from dulux.com.au)

I’ve got to say it’s hard to chose a favourite. There are elements of all that I love. But I’m probably most drawn to Revive. If you know me you’ll know I’m a big fan of the 70’s era and so I’m not afraid of some high impact colour here and there.

Happy painting!

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