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This year again Dulux are introducing three new colour palettes that reflect a need for positive spaces and a nurturing home. With a strong lean into the warmer tones this year yellows, clay, olive greens and reddy browns but lifted with light blue accents and pops of bright yellow. Check out the 3 palettes below, which is your fav?


Dulux Solstice

Click here for the full palette

With inspiration taken from the understated Scandinavian design style then layered with Mediterranean and desert (stay with me!), this palette brings a warmer base with cooler accents. This includes interesting textures and sculptural forms.


Dulux Journey

Click here for the full palette

This is something I always refer to, the story that an interior can tell. Bringing together global influences from travel that then reflects on the history of our ancestry. Pieces picked up on our travels, a collection handed down to us from generation to generation creates a maximalist aesthetic.


Dulux Muse

Click here for the full palette

A balance between nostalgia and modernity that result in room that are both timeless and contemporary in nature. Muse reflects style icons that have come before with influences from the 70’s and today. This is quite a statement and probably not for everyone.

I do like how Dulux are reintrodcuing some strong colour in the interiors for the next year. There’s lots of depth, warmth and strong tones happening which is lovely to see after so many years of light, bright and lots of whites. It will be fun to play with some of these tones over the coming months.

Happy painting!

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