Dulux Colour Forecast – 2021

Sep 9, 2020 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It’s that time of year again where Dulux have released their forecast for the coming year. This year they have gone with 3 palettes in total that evoke feelings of familiarity and comfort. Not really a surprise given what 2020 has thrown at us all. They have called them Retreat, Nourish and Reset. And for the first time EVER these are all my kind of vibe. Usually I lean towards one maybe two, but this year they all hit the mark for me.

All three of these palettes go the heart of my ethos. When I rebranded earlier this year I really reflected on what was important to me when I design for others. And that really is this ethos around creating a home, a nurturing space with connection to life and nature. A space that support and provides relief from the everyday hustle of life. I can really see these colour palettes going to the heart of this. So here they are, what do you think?


Dulux Retreat Bedroom – colours featured are Teahouse and Whisper White

This delivers on that homely aesthetic with a focus on comfort and security. This talks to the fact that our homes were a place to rest, but these days has become the centre of it all. We work, play, rest and fully live in our homes now. So these colours I feel are super easy to live with, add contrast and feature where needed, but also create a beautifully classic look.

Retreat Palette


Dulux Reset Lounge – Featured colours are Snowy Mountains half and Light Ceramic with a pinch of Hot Chillie

Uplifting colours and a bold sense of renewal are the core sentiments for this palette. It’s time to renew ourselves and embrace unified colours and retro influences. This palette talks to all things Australian for me. The colours are very much in line with our native botanicals and landscapes, I’m in love with this look.

Dulux Reset palette


Dulux Nourish Green bedroom – Featuring colours Olive Blend and Tuft

Nourish encourages us to unplug from our digital society. Be present in the moment and indulge in this palette that revitalises your home and nourishes the soul. For me these deep and light greens, warm neutrals that I am so pleased to see coming back and hits of warm grey are so easy to work and live with. I can’t wait to see those greys move aside for these warmer tones.

Dulux Nourish palette

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