Every man needs a cave…apparently

Jun 4, 2018 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Man caves have been a thing for such a long time. My mind goes to the 40’s and 50’s Mad Men style offices, whiskey rooms, and media rooms. There’s even a whole expo every year that happens in Melbourne dedicated to all things ‘manly’ when it comes to interiors: http://themancaveexpo.com.au/, and it looks like the expo is coming to Sydney next month!

I’ve designed a few man cave spaces in my time, so I wanted to share with you some ideas on how to get the most out of your ‘manly room’. Man caves generally come with three purposes:

  1. Social spaces

Think of basing your room around a theme. Do you have a hobby? Could be a sporting team, motor bikes, music. Whatever your interest go a little crazy here, this is your space so personalise it through artwork, memorabilia, colour themes, special pieces of furniture. I once had a custom walnut retro sideboard made for a DJ who wanted to house his speakers in the doors and have a space for his vintage turntable and whiskey collection.

  1. Media and games

This could be old school games like pool, snooker, or darts. Somewhere to gather with your mates and if you have the luxury of space you could really go to town with a fully equipped gaming room. Or your thing may be gaming consoles through to watching movies. If this is the case make the room cocooning, darker colours, comfy armchairs with foot stools.

  1. Man Cave/Office

Historically known as the Den. This is a dual purpose office and a space for you to relax. Generally, these are smaller rooms that are both practical for working with not as many soft furnishings, but also have a small corner with a comfy chair, maybe music or a space to read. I like to build in cabinetry and a desk in a home office, this really makes the most of all of the space and will hopefully allow you to carve out that chill out area.

With all of the above ensure you personalise your space, you have to love everything you bring in otherwise it won’t be a room that you will spend a lot of time in. And most importantly have fun with it. If you need help with your man cave give me a call, details can be found on my contact page or email me on anoushka@smartspaceinteriors.com.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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