Fearless with colour – how to choose

Oct 14, 2013 | Anoushka's Blog

When choosing the colour palette for your room you need to go with what you absolutely love, after all you will be living with it every day for the next 5 years. Paint colour can be the most daunting choice. This is mainly due to the vast array of colours, even when looking for a neutral or white, there are hundreds of shades to choose from so where do you start? Follow my step by step process below on how to go about introducing colour into your home.

1. Don’t begin with the paint colour for your walls I like to choose this towards the end of the process. Start by looking at the existing fabrics and new fabrics that you will be bringing into the room. Then add the furnishings and accessories and from there the wall colour tends to be easier to narrow down.

2. If you are still feeling nervous then a good formula is always to choose a neutral with one accent colour. And try and choose one warm and one cooler colour for instance your neutral could be a grey and then your accent a yellow for warmth. If your accent colour is bold then use less of it. Try and keep at least 75% of your room in your neutral tone.

3. To add depth to your room use light and dark as much as possible through colour, fabrics, timber. Then add in many textures through the materials you use from timber to chrome, natural materials such as sisal or linen. Try and repeat each material at least once in the room to tie everything together.

4. Stuck for ideas? Look at your wardrobe. Most people dress in colours, textures and lines that they are drawn to, apply this rule to your home too.

5. And finally I always say you should love everything you bring into your room, don’t settle wait until you find the right piece.

Take a look below and some of the beautiful colour combinations that inspire me, maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your next decorating project.

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Classic neutrals (image taken from www.pinterest.com)

Pastel colour scheme (image taken from www.pinterest.com)

Monochromatic black and white kitchen

My favourite combination green and crisp white with a hint of blue (image taken from www.pinterest.com)

Bright summer colours and pattern (image taken from www.pinterest.com)

Classic grey, blue and white bedroom (image taken from www.pinterest.com)

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