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Oct 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

Hi all. You may remember a few posts ago I wrote about how I’d been engaged by a client to style their home, see post here. I had furnished their main dining and family rooms, and also their formal lounge space as well as their master bedroom right down to artwork and lighting. However, they wanted to go that step further and start them off with some styling that they could then add to over time.

Without ‘styling’ your home can feel empty. Even with the most magnificent furniture pieces in place if you don’t add personal touches then the whole room will feel flat and lack lustre. You certainly don’t want that to happen after investing in beautiful furniture.

So I thought you’d be interested in seeing some before pictures, during pictures once furniture was in, and after pictures once I had styled the spaces. Styling can make all the difference so don’t forget to allocate budget and though to this piece at the end of your process.

Let me know what you think!

Family room before

Family room with clients original sofa and chairs and pieces we selected together

Family room once styled

Hallway before

Hallway during with new console and clients original artwork for a more modern look

Hallway console styled

Formal lounge before

Formal lounge with new furnishings and artwork

Formal lounge after styling

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