Floor planning for small spaces

Oct 15, 2012 | Anoushka's Blog

Simple room layout for smaller spaces. Only usig one large sofa with chairs postitioned around this. Taken from 79 ideas.

When your living in a home where space is at a premium floor planning and furniture placements is the most single important aspect to get right. If you get this wrong you will never be happy with the way your room flows and it may even feel clumsy or complete unworkable.

When investing in furniture for small spaces keep the pieces flexible. For instance if you are furnishing a living room perhaps only have one small two seater sofa and supplement this with occasional chairs and can be moved around and reconfigured depending on how you are using the space at any given time. Avoid large coffee tables, opting for a couple of smaller side tables and stools that will easily fit around your other pieces without taking up too much room.

Best pieces for a small space. Use flexible seating to enable different seating arrangements. Don't be afraid to position sofa and chairs away from walls.

Another key aspect is to use a rug to bring the space together. Choosing a rug that sits under the front legs of your sofa and occasional chairs will give the illusion of a larger space. So go as large as possible with your rug, but don’t take it as far as the skirting boards, leave at least 500mm at the edge.

Rug position under front legs of sofa makes the space appear larger whilst accomodating a larger rug. Taken from 79 ideas

The materials you use are also very important. Choose sofa’s with a lightweight feel, perhaps on chrome legs or least a high leg so that you can see just underneath, and choosing either a light sofa or light rug will help keep the room feeling spacious. Try not to introduce heavy materials, stick to chrome, white pieces, light woods and lighter fabrics and colours.

Tatler sofa from oz Design. Great piece for smaller spaces due to raised legs and no fuss lines.

Ensure the furniture pieces are the right scale, it’s better to choose fewer larger pieces than several smaller pieces and the larger furniture will actually make your room feel more spacious and uncluttered.

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Feel free to send me images of your small spaces and the fabulous ways you’ve adapted them to meet your needs.

Happy decorating!

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