Frequently asked questions when working with an Interior Designer

Feb 21, 2024 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Hi All!

I find that the same questions tend to come up in the early stages of discussions with new clients and so thought I would cover some of these here. From process to fees through to design styles and support hopefully your questions are answered below if you are thinking about engaging or approaching a designer.

How can an interior designer assist me through my build/renovations?

A designer is there to take the pressure off of the thousand decisions you need to make for your build/renovation. They take you through a thorough process (hopefully before your build starts) to design the interiors of your home. From kitchen and bathroom design, to internal finishes and colours, lighting selection, window coverings as well as exterior colours. Almost every detail is documented and works with an agreed design so your home flows. So when it comes to the build most questions that the builder will have will be answered.  Having all of the above documented before your build will also mean a more accurate quotation from your builder.

What does the design process look like?

My design process works like this:

  1. Initial inspiration meeting so I can get on the same page around style, look and feel and I measure up (if not working from detailed plans)
  2. Concept development where you get to see potential materials, floor plans, moodboards and loose ideas for your design, I do this through video, face to face meetings and email
  3. Design development and documentation comes next where I detail joinery designs, bathroom designs and all fixtures, fittings, materials and colours for your home. You receive a full pack of samples, detailed scheudles, floor plans and elevations and 3D renders where required
  4. This last stage is what I call Project Consultation where I am on hand for you and your builder through your build schedule.

Will it be your style (the designer) that is reflected in my home?

No, not at all. The first stage in my process is there for me to get to know you, your style and how you want your home to look and feel. I have a high touch point process with my clients where I like to gain their input and feedback throughout therefore reflecting their style into the home. If you like my natural style and would like guidance incorporating elements of this into your home we can talk about that too.

How much does it cost to work with a designer?

This really does depend on the size and scope of the project. I design bathrooms and kitchens as standalone projects through to whole home renovations, extensions and selecting for new builds. I also decorate homes through sourcing furnishings, window coverings, lighting, rugs artwork. So it’s very hard to pinpoint fee structure until I have a brief and am able to quote. However my fees sit between $4,000 for single rooms through to $25,000 for large home builds.

Can you also be involved through the construction process?

Yes as mentioned above this is my Project Consultation phase. I can be on hand to ensure what we have designed and selected gets translated accurately into your build. From site meetings with builders, joinery check measures, meetings with tilers for tile design set outs, electrical meetings to go through electrical and lighting set outs. As well as being on hand for the unforeseen which will always occur in any project. Sometimes especially with renovations what we planned for may not be possible as the building won’t let us pull it in a certain way, so we need to make adjustments to plans.

I really hope that this helps. I love my industry and working with my wonderful clients, and so anything that makes the experience a great one is worth talking about. Reach out if you want to chat about your renovation:

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