Jan 18, 2021 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Happy new year everyone, I hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas and a happy new years. I’m back on board and this is my first blog post for 2021.

I’ve talked about a few overall trends on the blog of late, especially around the Globe West furniture release in the latter part of last year, if you missed that you can read it here. But I wanted to delve deeper into what the landscape might look like this year when it comes to furnishings and decoration.

Things have changed for us all, as you know. Many are spending more time at home. But more than this it’s obvious that design has changed significantly over the past year or two. We’re seeing softer lines, curves and tactility like we’ve never seen before. I mean how many kitchens have we seen of late with curved islands, curved feature walls often highlighted with a textural application like vertical timbers or cement renders. Even archways at entry points into rooms are back on trend, who’d have thought it!

I believe this all feeds into a need for softness, comfort, and an ease of everyday living that we are craving right now. And in turn of course these interior design directions will feed the way we are making our furnishings. I’ve always been a fan of softer lines, nothing too hard and square, and therefore you’ll see this softness in most of my designs.

So, let’s talk curves…

Seating such as sofa’s are coming through with much softer lines. Yes some modular are actually curved which sometimes works well in a room layout, but more than this. Many new designs are just generally softer, curved arms, curved back. Here’s a good example, the Theodore sofa from Globe West:

Theodore Sofa – Globe West

Also chairs are following the same format. I recently ordered this chair from my furniture maker for a client’s home office, it swivels and comes in a high and low back version:

Coco Chair – H&J Furniture

What about tables? Dining, coffee, sides they all seem to be taking on a more curvaceous form. I’ve always preferred round coffee tables, they allow for better movement around the seating area. However more and more dining tables are coming through either with a curved edge on a rectangular table or ovals and rounds are very popular. Take a look at this piece from Bo Concept that I’m working with in a design, it has a beautiful finish and very practical extension function:

Bo Concept extension dining table

If you’re enjoying the curves, and want to bring more of this into your designs then think about repetition and balance. You don’t want curves everywhere, this will become too repetitive and no longer the feature that you want, on the other hand you need to repeat curves, so maybe choose two or three items in a design that features a curved aesthetic and then you should reach a good balance.

Curved coffee tables and velvet green chair – Anoushka Allum Design Riverview project

Reach out if you need a hand to decorate your home, you can find me here. With so much choice out there, and trends that come and go it can be tricky to strike the right balance that will stand the test of time.

Happy decorating!

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