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Happy new year everyone, I hope you enjoyed a peaceful Christmas and a great start into teh year. I’m back on board and this is my first blog post for 2022.

I always try to start the year on here with a forecast for what’s to come in the interior design space. Last year I talked above how covid had impacted our lives and the affect this had on our interiors. We were seeing softer lines, curves, and tactility like we’d never seen before. A need for softness, comfort, and an ease of everyday living. I think this will continue into 2022, but what I am noticing for this year is that we are all craving more joy and adventure. So, I’m finding clients want to be a little braver with their homes. Trying things that they have never tried before. How is this translating?

Well, in the furnishings space I’m using a lot more pattern and colour than ever before. Unusual shapes and lines, and of course the curves are here to stay. For exampleI have this sofa from Jardan in a design that is being istalled early this year, can’t wait to see that in situ in my Paddington project:

Image source:

In the same project we went for a cool dining room set up. A mixture of pieces from Bo Concept and Surrounding for the lighting. This makes for an interesting space, interesting lines, tactile materials, and a fresh and fun feel, here’s the design for this space:

Paddington project: Dining

I’m seeing the warmer tones gaining more and more popularity. The move away from vast amounts grey is happening, it will take some time, but it will happen. I pulled this sitting room design together last week for a client with plenty of warm tones and texture:

Decoration project: Sitting room design

Having said this, there’s still room for that more tranquil retreat style, this is probably at the other end of the scale. So, interiors with lots of tone-on-tone colours, and textural neutrals. Simple lines and plenty of light filled spaces. I don’t think this style will ever look dated:

Glenhaven project: Kitchen/Dining

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some professional pictures this year of completed projects, now that we have more flexibility to do these, I’ll be making the most of it!

Happy decorating!

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