Getting the best out of storage in your bedroom

Nov 6, 2017 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

It doesn’t matter if you love to hoard, are a minimalist when it comes to your belongings or sit somewhere in between, great built in wardrobes can really change the aesthetic and functionality of your bedroom.

When it comes to designing your bedroom most people get carried away with bed linens, wall colours, wallpapers carpet and lighting and don’t think enough about storage. Built in robes can really add to the space both in value and also with the right organisation and finishes they can be a feature or at the very least support your overall design concept. Here’s how…

Where should I put the robe?

Ok, so when thinking about the floor plan for your space work out where the bed will be placed in relation to your robe. You need at least 2500mm/3000mm of clear wall to make the most out of a built in. Ensure you have enough space (at least 600mm but preferably 800mm from the bed to the robe). If space is tight consider sliding doors, if you have room my preference is always for hinged doors.

What style should I choose?

In a more traditional space I like to use hinged doors that are floor to ceiling and usually a white polyurethane. I will specify some sort of profiling on the doors and beautiful hardware depending on the other internal doors in the home. If a more contemporary space I like both hinged or sliding doors, plain profile and usually finger pull to open. These can be either white or a lovely timber laminate to accent your room. I will often expose the drawers in this style and only use floor to ceiling doors where internally these section just have hanging space. This breaks up the lines of the storage and can be a way to create interest.

Contemporary style robe with finger pull to open doors

Traditional style robe with door profiling, door knobs and exposed drawers

Walnut veneer to add some warmth to the bedroom

How do I section up my robes internally?

Here start working out how much long hanging and shorter hanging space you need, as well as open shelving and drawers. Then add in things like shoe shelves/drawers/pigeon holes and nice extras like trouser hangers, sections in drawers for ties and belts, and any other little organisational pieces that you require. I always advise my clients to measure up in meters how much hanging space they are currently using in their robes and also measure the width of the shelving they need, this will be a good starting point to ensure you are including enough of the essentials.

Trouser rack

Section up drawers for ties and belts

How do I make my robe look beautiful?

There are some easy tips here to make this work. Start by using exceptional door knobs and hardware, choose the best that your budget will allow. Change up all of your wire and plastic hangers for good quality wooden hangers. I love to box all of my shoes in separate neat boxes, even if you use the storage box options from Ikea for instance this can be an awesome way to organise this area of the robe. Include LED lighting in your robe, this can make it easier to find things but also lighting does wonders for making a space feel more luxurious.

All white hangers are matching

Ikea boxes used for storage

Crystal door hardware

If there’s one thing I would advise it’s to get your robes custom made and fully built in. It’s the best way to make the most of your space and the storage inside. A well designed robe depending on size can start from anywhere around the $2,500 level.

So in short, don’t miss an opportunity to really make a difference in this area, plan the space well, think through your storage and choose beautiful finishes, hardware and a style that really sits well in your space.

NOTE: Images used under Fair Use, and the above commentary is a personal view and not commercial in nature, and were sourced from a variety of online sources and personal archives.

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