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Sep 12, 2016 | Anoushka's Blog, Interior design and decoration

Spring in Australia has certainly sprung, and depending on where you live, you might already be enjoying the sights and sounds of spring as the chill of winter starts to fade. Of course Spring is synonymous with change, new beginnings and colour… and most of us embrace this season with a focus on our outdoor spaces, frenzied spring cleaning and enhancing / adding to our current décor.

As the US and Europe are going into their Autumn and winter, and some of us are refreshing our palettes for the season, well need to look beyond their autumnal focus, and give our spaces a trendy, refreshing makeover. Just like the switch between your winter and spring wardrobe, it is time for your home to shed its wintery whites and step into the more cheerful world of spring.

To help you with this transition, I wanted to look at a few decorating trends that are currently topping the popularity charts; such as “Modern Bohemian”. Few styles allow you to combine comfort, vintage finds, antique pieces, cherished accessories and modern décor like bohemian. It’s basically ‘being you’ by shunning conventions and showcasing your true style, passion and ability to style your interior in your image. Be patient though, as you will only get the perfect result through trial and error… And even then, it still might not be absolutely perfect – which is the true beauty of bohemian!

Modern Bohemian style at it's best

Modern Bohemian style at it’s best

As it’s spring, you’d be hard pushed not to consider florals and leaf prints, which seem to be ruling both the worlds of fashion and interior design. From vintage to contemporary, designers are rolling out accent pillows, rugs, chairs and even gorgeous sofas draped in floral print. Of course, not everyone is going to commit to a bright and bold hero piece, but a cool rug, feature wall or even drapes with a floral or leaf print don’t seem like too much of a commitment. Mixing various patterns and prints is another cool and hip decorating idea that you can try out with the floral prints.

Fab florals and leaf prints

Fab florals and leaf prints

If you’re after colour but don’t want to disturb the existing palette or décor, then artwork could be the answer. As always artwork is a great way to enhance or breathe life into a space. Think about oversized paintings, prints, canvases and framed posters that steal the spotlight. Again floral and leaf prints are popular, as are birds, but this can be your style and colours. Frames and mounting can play a big role, so don’t scrimp here; and if you’re serious about art, consider the lighting. You don’t need to go full gallery but good lighting will make the difference and potentially bring the artwork to life, or at least make it front and centre. Plus, the light fixtures can add to the space.

Bold artwork in a master bedroom

Bold artwork in a master bedroom (SmartSpace Interiors design)

Metallic accents, of course have been around all year so need a mention. However, don’t go matchy matchy… mixed metals have been turning heads for quite some time now, but this can be hard to get right. So take the time to put things together; as with the Bohemian look, it can be trial and error. Consider copper or bronze, bathroom and kitchen fittings with a golden glint or even a simple bedside lamp or chandelier with warm metallic allure. Less can be more here, you do not need a whole lot to make a big impression. In fact, think of these as the finishing touches to your home that can elevate the glam-factor, and not as bling…YUK!

Fantastic copper pendant lights above kitchen counter

Fantastic copper pendant lights above kitchen counter (SmartSpace Interiors design)

You might have noticed I’m missing anything on outside spaces…well more on that next week.

As always if you need help and support in giving a space a seasonal freshen up or your renovating or building your forever home, I can help you achieve your dream interior. So to find out more about working with SmartSpace Interiors, contact me here.

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